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Feeling like crap...

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Naetha Fri 31-Jul-09 12:51:38

NHS say it's not swine flu as I can't tell them if I have a temperature (both thermometers give me a temp of ~35 degrees hmm ) even though I've got virtually all the other symptoms (including cough, aches, headache, feeling like poo etc).

I'm 23 weeks pregnant, is there anything I can do/take other than just paracetamol?

BlueSmarties Fri 31-Jul-09 19:20:09

The taking your temp thing is totally flawed and makes me really cross. Some people just do not get tempratures when they are likemy ds but medics are so textbook focused they are only interested in how many boxes you tick. Grrrrrrr.

sorry your feeling so poorly. Don't think you can take anything other than paracetamol. Speak to your GP / midwife in case you need antibiotics. Think at your stage in pregnancy you may be able to take ibuprofen. And from experience you can take more paracetamol than it says on the box but you MUST check that with medic first.

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