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Labour or IBS?

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clutter Fri 31-Jul-09 09:38:37

Am 38+4 weeks and had a sweep yesterday (really bad SPD the cause). Have had abdominal pains but am now on so many drugs that have no idea if i am coming or going. Could it be IBS (that is what i think it is) or could i be in labour? I was induced last time so have no idea what going into labour normally feels like. Any experience of this would be VERY welcome.

PS I don't think i would notice lower back pain with the labour as this is where most of the SPD is centred.

chickbean Fri 31-Jul-09 20:33:56

Hi Clutter

Hope it was labour and that you now have a baby. If not, I'm not sure what IBS feels like but my contractions felt just like period pains to begin with - perhaps the SPD would also mask this.

Good luck!

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