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"bites" during the night

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guyshahar Fri 31-Jul-09 07:24:26

Hi there

My wife is 8 months pregnant, and has started getting what look like insect bites on her upper body during the night. We thought that there might be bugs in the bed or carpet, but I am not getting anything. Maybe there is a bug that likes her blood better then mine?? (I did get a similar bite on my hand a few days ago, but this was a one-off and may not have been related at all).

So we were thinking that although it seems like a bite, it may be some aspect of pregnancy. Has anyone else had anything like this?

Any advice would be appreciated. She is upset by this, and we would like her sleeping place (and soon our baby's sleeping place) to be the calmest and safest place in the house!!

Picante Fri 31-Jul-09 07:26:21

I think it probably is a bite. I've become very attractive to everything that bites during pregnancy - something to do with all that extra blood. Either that or it's a reaction to something. I'd mention it to the midwife.

MmeLindt Fri 31-Jul-09 07:52:45

Sounds like insect bites, some people are just more sensitive to them. I never need insect repellent when my Mum is around as she is totally irresistable to them.

She could try Avon's [ Skin So Soft] body spray. It was not actually intended to be a insect repellent so has none of the normal chemicals that she might not want to use.

My Mum swears by it.

MmeLindt Fri 31-Jul-09 07:53:13

proper link

arolf Fri 31-Jul-09 09:14:49

not meaning to panic you or anything - but if the bites are in clusters of 3, then it could be bed bugs - I had this a few years ago, and the bugs much preferred me to my other half - it was only when I went away for a night that he got savaged... They particualrly went after my ankles and around my neck and throat. Anyway, if it IS bed bugs, get a professional in to deal with it ASAP, as they are horrible little things (the bugs, not the professional exterminators!).

Otherwise, can you get an insect repelling plug in thing? then there is no chemical risk from it. Oh, and skin so soft is great for repelling mozzies, not so good on bed bugs sadly...
(speaking from very bitter experience...)

Armi Fri 31-Jul-09 22:53:22

I'd change the sheets, hoover the mattress and take it from there.

mrswee Fri 31-Jul-09 23:41:05

could it be heat spots?
I am 7.5 months pregnant. I have been getting what seems like bites in the last week, I was blaming the cats, accusing them of having fleas, but I didn't get any bites yesterday ( and the cats aren't itching and have flea collars)

So I am presuming they are not bites but heat spots or similar in my case. My skin is very sensitive at the moment, reacting to many things.

I will watch this thread with interest... and let you know if I found out anything!

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