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Clicking hips/pelvic pain in third trimester (37 weeks). Concerned about labour.

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babyball Fri 31-Jul-09 05:52:40

I have SPD (I think). 37 weeks and having pain when rolling over in bed and can hear clicking sounds. I have had this since I was 33 weeks pg. I don't think it's severe as many peoples' cases as I have seen posts where people describe excruciating pain whilst trying to climb stairs etc. I mainly feel it when lying down and also feel like I have been hit in the groin by a baseball bat when I walk (baby engaged at 33 weeks) My main concern is labour. I can't really stay on my knees for any length of time as I get fatigued and pain in my knees as well. Slightly concerned as this is the recommendation for SPD sufferers. Any ideas or MNers who have had experience? Please help!!

clutter Fri 31-Jul-09 09:33:37

What every you do don't go into positions which hurt! Make it really clear on your birth plan what you can and can't do and have your birth partner well informed about what you are comfortable doing. I have SPD and was told by the midwife yesterday that it might be best to have a water birth (not my natural choice - would prefer bed and midwifes pref lots of docs and drugs too!) but she said it can take the strain off your joints so am going to send my long suffering DH to buy one of those swim tops which cover everything but have access (Tankini?). Perhaps you could consider this?
I don't know if this is your first baby but if you can rest do because it really does help. I had it from about 34 weeks in my first and from 24 this time(and much worse with drugs crutches etc this time) I was told first time round that the baby's head had engaged early but the physio said it was SPD but was not diagnosed so perhaps it is worth going to talk to your GP. At the end of the day in the birth they will manage the pain whatever it is from so don't worry (this is what my midwife told me anyway i am terrified!). Good luck and REST, you get better quickly from it and will be able to enjoy your baby really soon!
Clutter x

Zil131 Fri 31-Jul-09 09:43:02

I had bad SPD with DC1 - especially the turning in bed at night bit. Now preggers with DC2, and at 21 weeks can feel the twinges again.
Anyway I had it in big letters on my birth plan, and told the midwife in the labour room. They were great. I had to spend my labour on my back on monitors, and ended up with episiotomy and ventouse. However I distinctly remember the midwife stopped the consultant pushing my knees up round my ears, saying 'No she has SPD'.

babyball Fri 31-Jul-09 11:37:38

Thanks for the advice. Yes, it is my first baby, hence the nerves!

mushumadness Fri 31-Jul-09 19:04:07


Im 24 weeks pregnant and have had spd since week 20 (second baby)
I have the support belt and Im on crutches cant have the co codamol due to allergy

my consultant assures me labor is easier when you have this lol (apart from the whole being induced at 36 weeks which is whats happening to me)

I would go see your doc, even ohysio now could help

Tamlin Fri 31-Jul-09 19:11:21

Can you get in a birthing pool at your hospital? I had real trouble staying upright on my knees until I got in the water, and then it REALLY helped both to get the baby in position and ease my back and pelvic pain. I am hoping very much to use the pool again this time around.

babyball Fri 31-Jul-09 19:42:51

Does anyone know if it is "normal" to have these kind of pains at this stage? Not sure if I am convincing myself I have SPD when it's normal aches and pains for the third trimester. Not due to see my midwife until Thurs.

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