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When will i start to show?

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MrsMc82 Thu 30-Jul-09 21:29:54

Hi everyone,
i'm 15+4 atm with my first and was a size 18 with big belly anyway before getting pg and whilst there is definite expansion going on in my lower tummy its not firm or bump like and not noticable too anyone apart from me - when will i get a proper bump and start to show that i'm pg and not just getting even fatter?? XXX

woodhj Thu 30-Jul-09 21:33:31

First time round i was about 5 months before i started to show, you dont show as fast with your first.

Dont worry you will soon be sick of not having enough trouser that fit and having to spend money on new clothes that you wone wear again.

nknight85 Thu 30-Jul-09 22:03:19

Dont worry i have a friend who is in the similar position, she is 20 weeks, and we have all just started to notice the roundness of her belly were's before (not to sound nasty but) she just looked like she had a big belly, its took a while but the baby bump is finally getting there, she's also worried that she cant even feel the baby yet because she is so big, but everyone is differnt and you will see your bump eventually and feel the baby, so just wait and be excited on the journey of pregnancy
congrats xx

BexJ78 Sun 02-Aug-09 15:29:23

i was the same, i was a size 16 before i was pg and only really started to show at about 18 weeks. sometimes i think i look quite pg, and others, just that i have eaten too much cake! i can feel quite a firm bump when i stand up, but there is still a definite layer of fat over it and when i sit down it just looks quite flabby!

Gargula Sun 02-Aug-09 18:32:49

I was around size 16 when pregnant and I didn't show until after my 21 week scan. I was a bit paranoid about it but some people just show less than others.

YanknCock Sun 02-Aug-09 20:37:55

I was a size 20-22 when I got pregnant, and had a lot of pudge in my abdomen, so absolutely nothing showed until I was about 24 weeks. All of a sudden, I popped out above my belly button and my waist started disappearing. Am nearly 37 weeks now and people who don't know me have been able to tell it's a baby and not extra fat since about 28-29 weeks I think.

I'd only gained 15lbs when I hit 33 weeks, but after that I seem to have gained a bunch from retaining water---my feet are huge!

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