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worried about preterm labor

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ashymae Thu 30-Jul-09 21:28:06

I am 26 weeks along and really have no reason to worry other than that I had a low BMI when I conceived. I have gained almost 13 lbs so far. Did anyone else begin to have this sense of panic right before their third trimester?

Ladyem Thu 30-Jul-09 21:38:07


Don't worry, I also had a low BMI on conception. Wit DD at my booking I had a BMI of 13!! Usually 16.5 BMI, so that was just the morning sickness making me loose more weight! I went to a dietician on the advice of the MW and she said that the fact that I conceived naturally and had regular periods was a good sign that all was well and there was no danger from my weight. She never said that low weight would cause pre-term labour.

This time round my BMI was still underweight for my height and until 28 weeks I'd only put on a stone, but since then I've put on about another stone and a half!! Your body will gain what it needs and you'll probably find that as you were slim before, you'll loose it all quickly too smile!

Good luck and I'm sure all will be fine!

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