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Spray tans and waxing

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fells Mon 23-May-05 18:56:16

Does anyone know if it is safe to have a spray tan during very late pregnancy? I want to have one for my brother's wedding. I'll be about 37-38 weeks pregnant by then. The beauty salon at my local gym do one called 'Naturasun' and I have a leaflet about it where it says 'don't use Naturasun when pregnant or breast feeding' and then adds in brackets 'as a precaution'. The beauty therapist says she is happy to do it and someone at my NCT class had one done when about 35 weeks. Should I take the warning seriously or is it just another case of people covering themselves for legal reasons?

Also, what is the consensus on bikini line waxing? Is it safe late in pregnancy?

myermay Mon 23-May-05 19:47:26

Message withdrawn

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