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Regular period like bleeding during pregnancy anyone?

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thrifty Thu 30-Jul-09 14:04:01

sorry if this has been done to death, but has anyone had what they would consider to be normal periods throughout their pregnancy causing them to not know they were pregnant?

i think i'm going mad sad, have put on a stone in the last 3 months, felt a bit sick a couple of months ago, but didnt bother testing as periods have continued (down to 3 days but still heavy and uncomfortable). last period was late so tested and was neg (tested a total of 6 times since all neg). period came and went. all the time that achy feeling like your period is due never went away. got terrible backache last weekend which comes and goes depending on how i stand/lie down. yesterday i'm sure i felt movement and kicking. (could be wind!).

went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she reckoned it might be thyroid, so had a test for that yesterday, and am going back for the results next week and an internal/smear. i know i should be patient and just wait and see what the results of the bloods are. i was wondering though if i should ask for scan?

thrifty Thu 30-Jul-09 14:09:08

oh, btw am 39 (if it makes a difference) and had normal pregnancy with ds who's 3.

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