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Royal London Hospital

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VanillaIce Thu 30-Jul-09 12:42:45

Hi, I'm due to have my first baby at the Royal London in Feb. I was just wondering if anyone knew whether it's possible to pay for a private rom for your post-natal stay? I don't fancy spending my first day with my new baby on the ward - when I went on the tour there were loads of people sitting around all the beds, grannies with their knitting, children running around, everyone gabbing away in half a dozen different languages. I just know it will do my nut.

My other option is the lovely Barkantine Centre (private rooms, double beds, plasma tvs - and all on the NHS!) but you can't have an epidural there and I just don't know if I'll want one when the time comes. My best friend keeps telling me not to even contemplate doing it without one. I hate all the unknowns!

Thanks x

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