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Feel the need to lie down after seeing the price of prams

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timmette Thu 30-Jul-09 10:25:35

Oh I am shocked at the price of prams shock - is it just me or am I being a scrooge hmm ?

Feel free to be honest.

But what I really would like to know is where the pram thread is I know there is one but am being a bit dense and can't seem to find it blush any links appreciated, as I am after some advice.

My 2 favourites at the moment are the M&P's Skate and the Ziko Herbie if anyone has any info on these good and bad.

Thanks lovely mumsnetters.

bronze Thu 30-Jul-09 10:27:06

Only expensive if you look at the expensive ones.
I am a self professed skinflint

dawntigga Thu 30-Jul-09 10:31:28

If you can get to the Mama's and Papa's warehouse in Hanley you can get some real bargins.



Thandeka Thu 30-Jul-09 10:32:22

ebay ebay ebay is my plan.
Or gumtree

or persuading a friend to part with theirs if they are done with it.

Some prams cost more than my first car did!

timmette Thu 30-Jul-09 10:32:32

They all seem to be expensive even Mothercare own brand or maybe I am just trying to justify the expense - blush . At any rate will not be buying new but second hand from ebay but even so they seem to be so expensive.

AtheneNoctua Thu 30-Jul-09 10:32:34

Look in MN reviews. I had a Maclaren that served me very well. If I were shopping for a pram for new baby (which I'mnot and don't plan to be!), I would look for one that I will still want when the baby is 12 months old. Get something you will be happy pushing for a long long time. For me this means a narrow wheel base that can go through shopping crouds and a massive luxury model that does all kinds of things the baby doesn't actually care about.

AtheneNoctua Thu 30-Jul-09 10:34:08

"...a narrow wheel base that can go through shopping crouds and not a massive luxury model..."

jujubean Thu 30-Jul-09 10:34:21

You'll be using a maclaren buggy after 6 months. EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) I know ended up doing that. Just cut to the chase and get one of those to start with. Ebay also v.g. for 2nd hand prams that have hardly been used.

timmette Thu 30-Jul-09 10:35:16

Really a warehouse in Hanley - hmm where is Hanley will have to google that.

Sadly none of my friends or family have babies and this will be my second - for ds I got a buzz at a good price but hated it and ditched it as soon as I could for a Maclaren .

timmette Thu 30-Jul-09 10:37:54

But is a Maclaren suitable for a newborn that is another issue - also am very aware this is my last baby and wanted something special, practical and cheap - I'm not asking for much am I hmmgrin .

bronze Thu 30-Jul-09 10:38:55

agree about mclaren
not that I have one
I bought a chicco for 60 odd quid. It lies flat and has bigger wheels than the mclaren which is good for me as I not a town person. Its on its third child and I haven't had to change to a different one later on each time. It also looks respectable

dinosaur Thu 30-Jul-09 10:38:56

get a secondhand one

timmette Thu 30-Jul-09 10:41:46

Will be getting second hand - thanks.

CarGirl Thu 30-Jul-09 10:43:44

I always say buy a decent pram 2nd hand, then buy a new maclaren when they're older.

I used my proper pushchairs (bugaboo frog mainly) until my dd was 3 and hardly used a buggy but there again I walk everywhere.

The skate is absolutely lovely I had one briefly, it sold on ebay for £175 if you buy at a good price you will probably be able to sell it on and make most of your money back.

AtheneNoctua Thu 30-Jul-09 11:20:09

Maclaren Techno XT is suitable from birth.

nickytwotimes Thu 30-Jul-09 11:23:14

I did a LOT of walking and the fairly pricey pram was actually worth it for me.
Ds moved into the maclaren when he was about 18 mths, but still used the big pram/buggy until he was 2.5.
If you are city/town based though and walk on streets, I wouldn't waste your money though. Get the Techno XT. They are really good.

bronze Thu 30-Jul-09 11:27:07

I walk everywhere too ( cant drive) and still say its not worth the money these dear prams cost

jellybeans Thu 30-Jul-09 11:31:56

I spent about £300 on mine for my last baby and thought that was enough. I still use it at 8.5 months and intend to for at least 2 years so hope will be worth it as I walk everywhere. No way would I spend £600 as many people do, each to their own. I also used second hand for some of my older kids and they were fine.

BlueChampagne Thu 30-Jul-09 11:32:19

Ebay or Freecycle

timmette Thu 30-Jul-09 11:34:33

Well I live in the city so I guess that points towards a cheaper pram, my ds was out of his pram at 2 and refused to get back in - so if this one is the same I will only get 2 years use out of it.
What about my mils insistance that we need a carry cot - any advice on this as I think this is also leading me towards more expensive ones.

AtheneNoctua Thu 30-Jul-09 12:07:17

Never had a carry cot. I couldn't justify that kind of money for something I was going to use for a few weeks.

If you want to take this pram on public transportation I would suggest you get the one with the narrowest rear wheelbase. I think Maclaren won out on that feature 4 years ago. But, ther might be another one now.

flowerybeanbag Thu 30-Jul-09 12:19:42

I was very pleased we had a carrycot for DS when he was a newborn, although we only used it for about 3.5 or 4 months.

We are probably going to get a Phil and Teds for when DS2 gets here. They are really expensive but looking on ebay the resale is astoundingly good if you keep it in good nick, so if we buy new, get a couple of years use out of it then sell for a good price the overall cost to us will hopefully be pretty small.

We had a Buzz for DS, which we are going to sell, again hopefully for a reasonable price, having done some ebay research, to help fund the P&T.

dcgc Thu 30-Jul-09 12:23:02

We got the Quinny Buzz3 which is great, bought it from a friend who had finished using it with her two and it saved us a packet. Don't know if you have any friends who may be wanting to sell anything? We had been looking on ebay and things are definately cheaper on there, plus things like the carry cot attachment, which you will only use for 2-3 months tops are much cheaper. It's so easy to get carried away (don't know if this is your first baby), but I found it was worth while getting advice from friends with kids and asking what I'd need in the "real world" rather than what you think you should get.

ruddynorah Thu 30-Jul-09 12:23:18

there is an M&P warehouse in huddersfield too, just off M62.

for dc1 i got a big monster of a travel system from m&p. then swapped to an umbrella fold stroller just before she was 1.

with dc2 i've got a bugaboo bee from ebay smile

timmette Thu 30-Jul-09 12:38:02

Well it's def ebay for me - sadly can't get to any of the Mama and Papas warehouses. DH's choice is a Maclaren fullstop - he hated the Buzz so much and was so happy with the Maclaren.

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