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When did you start maternity leave when pg with dc2??

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laurawantsababy Wed 29-Jul-09 21:07:13

Im 14 weeks pg with dc2, due in January. Dd is 14mo now.

I was thinking or leaving at 34 weeks like last time but I was big and did struggle.

Did you leave work earlier with your 2nd? I do only work part time now. Thanks.

MrsFogi Wed 29-Jul-09 22:28:47

I left later as I wanted more time with both dcs after dc2's arrival. So with dc1 I had 6 weeks off before. With dc2 I had two weeks before. Although I was knackered each evening after work towards the end.

OmegaMummy Wed 29-Jul-09 22:31:23

I ran as fast as I could. Left work at 28weeks. But then PFB was only 9 months at that point

AnybodyHomeMcFly Wed 29-Jul-09 22:31:30

I left earlier as dc1 was induced three weeks early meaning I had precisely zero mat leave before the birth. Took 5 weeks with dc2, never regretted it for a second (and she was a week early too).

proverbial Wed 29-Jul-09 22:47:40

39 weeks with dc2.

Febes Wed 29-Jul-09 22:50:36

Snap 39 weeks with DC2 as I'm not going back (maybe) to work.

cornflakegirl Wed 29-Jul-09 22:51:50

I'm working till 39 weeks this time, which I also did with DS. However, am slightly regretting it (currently 37 weeks) as have SPD, and feel much more stretched and uncomfortable than last time. I want to maximise my time with the baby though.

LunarSea Wed 29-Jul-09 23:04:53

At 40+10 when ds2 finally decided to arrive - but then I do work from home so didn't have to worry about travelling/dressing for the office/potentially having to get away if things kicked off.

cornflakegirl Wed 29-Jul-09 23:56:04

LunarSea - that's just showing off! grin

IdrisTheDragon Wed 29-Jul-09 23:57:58

Stopped at 34 weeks with DS - was earlier than intended due to high bp.

Stopped at 32 weeks with DD - meant I got some summer (she was born in September) and I also didn't end up with high bp.

laurawantsababy Thu 30-Jul-09 08:42:31

Thanks everyone. Interesting that most of you left later with dc2. Maybe I will see how it goes and see how flexible I can be with work about my dates.

tostaky Thu 30-Jul-09 09:14:57

I left 2.5 wks before giving birth with DS and im planning to leave work 6-7 wks before this one is due (DS is only 8 months)

carrielou2007 Thu 30-Jul-09 09:46:23

I'm planning to finish 3 weeks before, that is week before christmas then new year, taking annual leave so my mat leave starts on the mon due on the thur.

I finished 2 weeks before dd but she was 2 and a half weeks late and the hanging around was awful.

I am exhausted now even though I work 3 long days rather than full time running around after a 2.5 year old so maybe will decide to stop a week or two earlier closer to the time.

Lousielou Thu 30-Jul-09 13:54:43

Was due to finish work at 37 weeks with DS1 but he arrived at 36 weeks so got no time off at all! This time I'm finishing at 35 weeks (next Wednesday - hooray!) and it won't be a moment too soon as I am massive, exhausted and very uncomfortable this time round. Hopefully I'll get at least a couple of weeks to get organised before DS2 arrives.

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