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nervous feeling in tummy- is this the baby fluttering about?

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gwendy Wed 29-Jul-09 15:46:03

hello, first time poster; long time reader

i'm expecting my first baby, hilariously on 29th dec & am currently 18 weeks pregnant. i keep having these kind of anxious, nervous feelings in my tummy, especially after eating but they've got more frequent recently. i'm wondering if it could be the baby moving? am EXTREMELY anxious anyway wondering if everything is ok with baby [counting down days to 20 wk scan, everything ok at 12 wk & heard strong heartbeat at 16 wks] but i've found it impossible not to be in a panic meltdown the whole time esp over lots of ooh you should feel it kicking now comments sigh

anyway any thoughts, similar experiences & reassuranced greatly received.


FurryFox Wed 29-Jul-09 15:52:23

Hi, I would say at 18 weeks it probably is the baby moving. Everyone always told me it feels like fluttering at first and it did for me. With my first DD I felt flutterings at about 18 or 19 weeks and proper first kicks at about 20 or 21. DD2 was a bit later.

By the way DD2 is a 'Christmnas' baby, 23rd December. It all adds to the excitment smile

Good luck smile

ErikaMaye Wed 29-Jul-09 15:54:20

Firstly - these comments; screw 'em Some people don't feel their baby move until 20 weeks! (Well, they've felt it, but haven't realised that's what it is!) So don't let them bug you. Every one is different, every baby is different. I felt mine dead on the 16 week date, but I reckon that's because of my disability - I'm just more in tune to my body. One of my friends felt her first move for the first time at her 20 week scan when the guy doing it said, "Oh that was a kick right on the machine!" So don't worry.

First time I felt mine, it felt a little bit like bubbles, or the way a butterfly beats against your hand if you're holding it, if that makes sense.

Tut, I didn't say - congratulations

gwendy Wed 29-Jul-09 16:07:10

thanks both, a reassuring word here & there really does calm the crazed pregnancy mind x ps yeay christmas babies!

ErikaMaye Wed 29-Jul-09 16:08:10

We all need one every now and again

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