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Advice for a first timer

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WalkingBookworm Wed 29-Jul-09 15:32:05

Hi all - just getting used to the idea of being pregnant and a bit freaked (don't know why - I really want a baby I guess the hormones must be kicking in early!).

Anyway, rang the GP and made an appointment - for next Thurs! firstly does this seem a bit far away to anyone (and should I ring up and try and get an on the day app sooner?), secondly anything I should ask/check when I get there? and thirdly how do I wait that long? - and or dealing with the waiting afterwards come to that. I have a whole bunch of friends but DH and I have agreed not to tell anyone until either a) they guess due to me throwing up (I'm not yet) or b) 12 weeks. Not sure how they will react anyway as none of them have kids yet. Finding it really hard to concentrate on anything else atm - so not getting a lot done - tell me this gets better!

Thanks for any advice and or reassurance

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 29-Jul-09 15:34:32

No hurry to see the GP as all they will do is notify the midwife to start you seeing her about 8-10 weeks.

You just have to deal with the waiting, you could be pregnant for up to 42 weeks so try not to fixate on the dates.

Don't worry how people react - if they aren't pleased ignore them.

Just enjoy this time, you will never get it back, and rest when you can as tiredness in the first trimester has to be experienced to be believed.


ilovetochat Wed 29-Jul-09 15:36:55

congrats walkingbookworm,smile. when i was first pregnant i felt very aware of myself and my tummy like verybody would be able to guess just looking at me, obviously they didnt grin
i saw the doc when i was about 6 weeks and the midwife at 8 weeks, the midwife asks you a lot of questions about health etc and takes blood tests at certain intervals but its nothing to worry about. i didnt tell anyone till i was 12 weeks apart from my mom and my boss which was necessary as i had a physical job.
enjoy it as its a lovely time!

lynniep Wed 29-Jul-09 15:37:35

hiya. congratulations!!!!

its NORMAL to be freaked whether or not you were trying!

I'm still freaked out and I'm 25 weeks with my second ;)

GPs surgeries are not in the slightest bit of a hurry to see pg women - it happens every day as far as they are concerned. They wont even do a test to check that you are - they might do some other checks if they feel like it (blood pressure etc) but unlikely.

They will most likely just tell you to make an appointment with the midwife so that a) she can discuss everything with you and b) you can get a scan organised.

Unless you're very worried about something, everything happens very slowly in the beginning - to you its the biggest thing thats ever happened and you need to see doctors/midwives/everyone RIGHT NOW - to them its just another pregnancy and you've got a long way to go ;)

Poledra Wed 29-Jul-09 15:39:22

You might never start throwing up - I found if I ate almost constantly, it kept my nausea at bay.

<Disclaimer: not meant to be smug in any way, I know lots of folks do suffer, would it make you feel better to know I had heartburn from 11 weeks till the baby came? All three times?>

NellyNoKnicks Wed 29-Jul-09 15:47:00

I'd get used to not being able to think about anything else though, especially if you find your job boring. I spent many a day daydreaming, unable to take anything else seriously (in the best possible way).

All the midwife did for me the first time was ask loads about the health of mine and DP's family, discuss any concerns I had, had my weight checked, bp checked and then booked me in for my scan and my next appointment.

NellyNoKnicks Wed 29-Jul-09 15:47:46

OOO sorry forgot to put congratulations blush

ErikaMaye Wed 29-Jul-09 15:49:22

Congratulations on your pregnancy grin

When I went to see my GP after finding out I was pregnant (Am 24+3 with my first) the only "check" he did was - "So you've taken a home test, have you?", and that was confirmation. Unless you're on any medication that could affect the baby / you during pregnancy that you need to discuss urgently, don't worry about rushing through for another appointment. My first appointment with GP consisited of the above question, and being reminded (in a very unsubtle way, I might add!) that it might not "last". Thanks, Doc. Real boost of confidence there hmm

Think I had my first meeting with my MW about 10 weeks, though I'm seeing a teen specialist rather than the community one, so I don't know if that's any use.

About the throwing up - I was actually only physically sick for two weeks, and although it was a nightmare, no one really noticed aside from DP! Just so you know that you can keep it to yourself for as long as you feel you wish to

< Glowers at Poledra > grin

WalkingBookworm Wed 29-Jul-09 15:52:00

Hmm, eating constantly - doesn't sound too bad (except for the waistline but I think I might have to stop worrying about that for a while Heartburn sounds no fun at all though.

I really will go and try and reduce my to do list now then (just in case I come down in a wave of tiredness in a few days time)

Thanks for the replies

WalkingBookworm Wed 29-Jul-09 15:58:31

Nope, no medication to speak of - what sort of health issues (of family) - might need to ask DH in advance for that one, although that would be the followup meeting from the first GP one, Nelly?

Daydreaming, oh yes I think I've got that down pat already

Oh and sympathy to Erika - your GP does sound a bit blunt! Might need to brace myself for that one (I've read the odds and am now ignoring them).

ErikaMaye Wed 29-Jul-09 16:04:32

RE health issues - up till now (Though I'm going to be useless and not remember which was asked at which appointment!!) they have asked about nationality of maternal and paternal relatives to about Great-Grandparents hmm, diabetes, eye trouble, heart trouble. To copy from my notes, the history asked about (mothers):

- Allergies
-Anaesthetic problems
- Asthma
- Back / Limb / Pelvic problems
- Blood disorders
- Cardiac conditions
- Diabetes
- Epilepsy
- Hypertension
- Infections
- Infertility / Gynae problems
- Kidney disease
- Liver disease
- Thrombosis
-Thyriod conditions
- Other
- Mental health

Hope that helps

Sorry if what I said about my GP scared you, by the way. x

NellyNoKnicks Wed 29-Jul-09 16:10:11

I never saw the GP, just got referred straight to the midwife and that was at 5 weeks.

WalkingBookworm Wed 29-Jul-09 16:53:18

Oh my word. Well I think I'm stumped on nationality (I can do to grandparents I think) never mind the list of potential ailments (unless that's just about me - I can do me )

Think I might have to just shrug a lot!

ErikaMaye Wed 29-Jul-09 17:01:45

Ha! You have plenty of time to enquire. As long as they know by the 16 week bloods they're fine about it from what I remember - I loose track of weeks so easily now!! If there is a history of any of the illnesses, I think you can just say yes, you don't have to state that its your aunts second counsin twice removed prarrot or whatever grin

TakeLovingChances Wed 29-Jul-09 20:08:16

Oh, and don't forget to take folic acid tablets from now until 12 weeks. This will help the baby's spine develop healthy.

You can get in on 'script from GP, but that is a waste of time and energy, as you can buy it cheaper in the chemists. Think it's around £2 for 100 tablets.

I'm a 1st-timer too, 9 weeks tomorrow.

ErikaMaye Wed 29-Jul-09 21:25:25

Hmm I was advised to take folic acid all the way through hmm Odd!

Congrats, TakeLovingChances

hoops997 Wed 29-Jul-09 21:33:15

hello fellow first-timer, I had a GP appointment yesterday and he asked a few of which were do you have any sheep?!

The waiting game is torture I think cos nothing really happens until you have your first scan....I have a midwife appointment next friday.

Congratulations on being PG, here's to the next 8 months of hell grin

oh as soon as I got my BFP i started taking Folic acid.....

KatyS36 Wed 29-Jul-09 22:58:02

I had a GP appointment at 4 weeks, mainly as 'the books' said it was really important. I got my due date calculated (had already done that) plus advice on folic acid (take it) and standard food advice.

I didn't have a planned midwife appointment until 9 weeks.

Both me and the baby are fine, but I had a lot of problems early on. I felt awful, nauseous, had stomach pain and an early bleed.

I ended up having to call the community midwives myself and got sent to the hospital. The reason I'm telling you this is to say make sure you find out where to go if you do have any problems prior to your midwife appointment. For me even knowing this information was reasurring, and it would have been nicer to have known in advance the relevant phone numbers that to have to seek them out once I had problems.

The other thing you may want to consider, depending on your age, financial situation and personal views is what scans you are entitled to on the NHS and if you want to supplement them.

I wanted an early nuchal fold scan for downs as I'm over 35, and we were getting frustrated as the midwife wouldn't discuss any of this until our 9 week appointment. In the end DP got in touch with a sympathetic GP who found all this out for us. It turns out in our area this isn't available on the NHS. Knowing this at 6 weeks, rather than waiting until the 9 week appointment meant we were able to get booked in to have this done privately at a clinic of our choosing at a time that was convenient to us.

And of course congratulations.

PS As various risks have been mentioned, its always worth reminding yourself that the most statistically likely outcome after getting a positive test result is you'll have a healthy baby in 9 months time

WalkingBookworm Thu 30-Jul-09 09:07:35

Congrats to all the other first timers!

Thanks for the tip about emergency contacts, that is indeed a good idea, must follow up on that. Got folic acid to take - didn't even realise it could be on prescription tbh, just went to the chemists automatically.

Must research scans at some point soon also to see what you get and what is out there - def. also a very good point. And thanks for the comforting ps katy !

TakeLovingChances Thu 30-Jul-09 09:20:30

If you look at most advice for folic acid, it says to take for 12 weeks (when spine is growing). After that it does no harm to take it the whole way through - will do no harm to you or baby.

Last night I bought Tesco own brand Pregnancy Vitamins. It says it's for all through pregnancy, it has folic acid in it too. Was well priced.


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