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Is it just me, or has being pregnant made anyone else go off sex completley??

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QueenofVenus Wed 29-Jul-09 15:22:16

Feel quite sorry for dp, he's on a right old dry spell blush i just simply cannot muster the 'desire' at all shock even if i did, im too knackered too sicky and boobs are sore so their a 'no go zone' too! - are the odds against us now???? Im not too bothered but i think dp may go nuts soon lol

BlueChampagne Wed 29-Jul-09 15:24:14

If it's early days, you may find the opposite happens later in your pregnancy; I did grin!

SingingBear Wed 29-Jul-09 15:26:27

Message withdrawn

mogend77 Wed 29-Jul-09 15:32:23

I went off it last time, had sex a couple of times in the middle but regreted it (it made me sob!) but then at 37 weeks I had the most enormous libido all of a sudden! I spent the next 5 weeks driving poor dh mad demanding sex all the time.

I have not had sex this time since conceiving the baby (which was the best sex we have ever had!). I feel even less interested than last time - actually I feel really touched out, what with sore boobs & a toddler clinging to me all day. I would have to admit I don't want any physical contact with anyone at all at the moment. I have to force myself not to back away when someone tries to hug me (though I am making good use of Swine Flu as a hug avoidance tactic at the mo). I don't even want cuddles from my mum at the moment! And I only want the lightest, gentlest, unsexiest cuddles from dh. Am hoping the interest comes back again towards the end as it did last time, for dh's sake, but at the moment it's not looking promising!

NellyNoKnicks Wed 29-Jul-09 15:36:05

Nope you're not alone, sadly my libido has not returned since the birth of ds 4 months ago, poor dp, am hoping that it perks up soon because I do miss it, but just dont ever fancy it IYSWIM

QueenofVenus Wed 29-Jul-09 15:38:10

Oh thank god!!! lmao was beggining to worry a little blush im only 11 weeks and i feel exactly as you do mogend77, do any of you find your dh/dp understanding though, or do they take it all very personally??

QueenofVenus Wed 29-Jul-09 15:40:17

Yes i understand nelly - very much so, i miss it (only very very slightly) but i have NO desire whatsoever - i really dont think i could even muster the energy to 'try' blush

arolf Wed 29-Jul-09 15:40:39

in my case it's my DP who has gone off it! but now I'm nearing the end, I'm only keen on lying down if I can close my eyes and go to sleep too. think that may have something to do with my whale-like proportions just now.

cyteen Wed 29-Jul-09 15:42:33

Afraid I was the same as SingingBear, no libido at all throughout the pregnancy. Until the last few weeks, when it suddenly all came back at once, by which time I was the size of a house and had awful thrush so still didn't get any!

SingingBear Wed 29-Jul-09 15:43:37

Message withdrawn

RustyBear Wed 29-Jul-09 15:44:06

I did with both mine; in fact it was the fact that I went completely off sex that made me do a test with DD, I felt exactly the same as I had in the early days with DS. DH was fine about it.

QueenofVenus Wed 29-Jul-09 15:49:04

Thats good, im not too sure about my dp - he seems to take it all very personally (sigh) I just really cant bring myself too, im pretty sure id rather cut my own head off with a rusty old saw!!!!

Thandeka Wed 29-Jul-09 15:52:56

Oh my I'm finding the opposite-at about 10 weeks libido went through the roof- seems to have eased off now- can take it or leave it but definitely still having it.

Maybe I'm a freak.

justlookatthatbooty Wed 29-Jul-09 15:58:22

Yes, went off it entirely when fell pregnant with DS1, then had a rush of desire in second trimester (for about 2 weeks) and sporadic one offs later in pregnancy. However the postnatal period and entire breastfeeding period was never the same again and since DC2's pregnancy have been entirely asexual on every level. Motherhood in general has put me off I think. Sad but true. this time (am 40 weeks with DC2 now) I hope to spice things up a bit with time for myself, trips to the gym and hairdresser from time to time, but of course, having one already I know that it's ridiculous to have such wild fantasies and it'll be oh...about 15 years before I have a moment to myself again.

QueenofVenus Wed 29-Jul-09 15:59:06

Lol thandeka grin i bet your dp/dh was pleased!!

QueenofVenus Wed 29-Jul-09 16:01:40

Lmao jlatb!! - i know how you feel, im pretty sure im not going to get any time to myself again either - well not until the year 2099 at least!!

NellyNoKnicks Wed 29-Jul-09 16:03:16

Awwww, I know how you feel... even kissing dp used to annoy me when i was pregnant poor bloke, at least that got better after the birth so he should be grateful for that at least grin

twofalls Wed 29-Jul-09 16:10:14

You are not alone, mine has packed its bags and buggered off (i am 9 weeks). To be fair, it never fully returned in all its splendid glory from being pregnant with DD.

DH mentioned it last week and I said we could try as long as i didn't have to move or participate. He gave me this look hmm and said "no thanks".


NellyNoKnicks Wed 29-Jul-09 16:11:45

I think DP would bite my hand off if I offered that twofalls

QueenofVenus Wed 29-Jul-09 16:18:04

ROFL twofalls!! - i agree nelly - dp would prob go for anything right now! - makes me feel very selfish! - but in defence of all pregnant women, i dont entirely think its a 'choice' not to have sex, if your anything like me the thought is on parr with root canal at the dentist shock!!

NellyNoKnicks Wed 29-Jul-09 16:37:16

I have to ask QoV, does your DP also talk about it incessantly as if this will change your mind? Obviously not annoying at all grin

QueenofVenus Thu 30-Jul-09 12:01:35

Lol Nelly yeah he pretty much does! I think some men are just 'lost' without abit of leg-over action!

katster37 Thu 30-Jul-09 13:58:03

Oh I am so glad I found this thread - have had NO desire whatsoever for whole of pregnancy so far (24 weeks) and felt like a total freak! We have managed it once (which hurt then made me bleed from it hurting so much), had 2 other v unsuccessful attempts which both reeeeally hurt and resulted in me crying, and DH feeling bad. Oh pheeeeew.

NellyNoKnicks Thu 30-Jul-09 18:10:04

Yep join the sex-free club

dal21 Thu 30-Jul-09 18:29:26

No desire whatsoever with DS. For the whole pregnancy.

Same with this one.

First trimester - I simply didnt want too. Aside from the nausea and ridiculous tiredness, had read far too many stories about women having to go to EPU's as a result of bleeding after doing the deed. Did not want to go through that scare myself.

Second trimester - boobs still sore, and once I get into bed, sleep is all I want!

Third trimester - well, zero libido.

DH bless him was great and also admitted that he didnt fancy the idea of doing it with our little bean inside me. Phew! grin

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