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Restless legs and no sleep

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giggly Tue 28-Jul-09 19:50:55

I am 32 weeks with no 2 and restless legs in full swing. Had this with 1st dd and took piriton which really helped, but this time only getting about 1/2 hour before symptoms are back.

Then awake until about 4am with mad swinging/kicking action until I fall into a coma, before getting up at 7.30 for work. I am totally exhausted.

Have tried the usual tonic water, warm bath etc, but no luck. Taking it all out on dh as he jumps ship during the night to the spare room and snores away the rest of the night.

I am totally miserable and getting really fed up, please share your top tips or join in the moan

reagizmo Tue 28-Jul-09 21:01:16

hi i'm just here to join in on the moaning. i'm 32wks aswell due the 19th sept. i have 4wks left at work and cant sleep well at all i'm a hairdresser on my feet all day and cant sleep at nite cause my legs are killing me. i just dont know what to do i'm so tired i am still working full time. i go up to bed then cant sleep cause of legs or just fall asleep then need the loo. also like you i am awake for a while in the nite then cant get up for work. i dont know how my husband is sleeping as there is not that much room in the bed with me and all the pillows keepins me as comfy as poss. the only thing with me is this is my first so unlike u i have ont got another little one to run after.
sorry i'm not any help but its nice to know its not just me. when are u due. do u know what ur having.when do u finish work.
well hope all go well and u feel better soon. xx smile

Toppy Tue 28-Jul-09 21:44:51

I am afraid I am here to join the moan too (watch out here it comes) ..... I am also 32 weeks with #2 - due on 20th Sept and the restless legs kicked in at 25 weeks Kenny Everett style. Am utterly utterly miserable and fed up. It is like a form of torture. A couple of times I have ended up crying just wishing I could chop my legs off. I have not slept before 3am in two months and a my fesisty ds1 wakes at 7am wanting full entertainment throughout the day. On the couple of occasions where I have been awake until 5am I have felt like this is not something I could ever do again and I really would love to have three. I have decamped to the spare room so as not to ruin DH's sleep and I lie there jealous as I hear his snoring kick in minutes after he hits the pillow.
Have tried tonic water, tubigrip leg supports, bananas and mundane tasks plus watching BB live (yet more jealousy watching them all sleep). Very very occasionally a 2am bath helps. I really do believe I will get more sleep than I am getting now once DD arrives. The doctor said it will go the minute the baby arrives - it is a third trimester issue due to the increased blood volume in your body much of which is pushed down into the legs
Unlike you two ladies I am currently a SAHM and do go to bed over DS's lunchtime nap when I have NO PROBLEM falling asleep so you really must try and grab an hour if you can at weekends and when you finish work. I still feel like I have permanently got off a red eye flight but every minute helps quite frankly.

wrigglershouse Tue 28-Jul-09 22:31:46

Sounds like you have tried most of the tricks! The only thing that none of you mention is that rarely anaemia can add in to this problem so it might be worth just getting a blood test to check for sure that this isn't an issue.

proverbial Tue 28-Jul-09 23:22:41

Bananas! I have this and if I eat 3 bananas before bed it is a million times better. restless legs have been linked to potassium deficiency, so it makes sense. Even better if you eat some nuts or something carby with the bananas as that will prevent a mid sleep blood sugar drop.

moonbird Wed 29-Jul-09 08:42:23

Again, sorry don't think I will be much help either! I am currently 28 weeks and I have been having this for at least a couple of months, but this week has been my worst yet. I seem to be getting it in my right leg, more than the left (had it in both for my DD1). I have been having hot baths and steeping my feet just before bed. It does help for a little while but if you cannot switch off and fall aspleep quickly, then the effects of the bath wear off.
I am actually borderline anaemic, so am going to get some iron (natural supplement), so hopefully that may help too. I think I will try a couple of bananas before bed tonight.

Ninni Wed 29-Jul-09 12:46:20

This was my major 'problem' ( I know, not serious but very annoying and tiring, I am sure you all agree) with my first two pregnanies. I am now 10 weeks and I am dreading the start of it = no sleep and antlegs!

However, someone has just suggested grapefruit, it had really helped her! She had a grapefruit in the afternoon every day and since then, no ants! Worth a try! Let me know how you get on

mogend77 Wed 29-Jul-09 15:39:31

I have lived with this all my life - it only goes from bad to worse in pregnancy for me. The worse kicks in within days of conceiving and well before a BFP. I am 30 weeks and in despair with it. I have (obviously having lived with it all my life) tried all the tricks to very little avail. Going up and down the stairs a few times helps, but who has the energy to go up and down the staris 10 times in the middle of the night in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy? That would just trigger a million Braxton Hicks! Getting dehydrated makes it much worse so I drink gallons of water in the night & then go to the loo about 10 times. Joy of joys. And mine won't go away when I give birth, though hopefully it will not be as bad.

flimflammum Wed 29-Jul-09 15:51:15

I had restless legs (even when not pregnant) and after lots of Googling found out there's some evidence of iron helping, so took multivitamins with minerals, and they did help a lot. And if it's potassium or another deficiency you'll be dealing with that too.

LG1000 Wed 29-Jul-09 17:51:46

I've just discovered this is actually a syndrome and not just me being a fidget, as my Husband suggested Thanks for sharing your suggestions, which I'm going to try before it gets too bad.

Naetha Wed 29-Jul-09 20:10:09

Can I second (or third) bananas, and also lots of milk.

Worked a treat for me, and second time round, a banana every couple of days has kept my legs in check.

giggly Wed 29-Jul-09 22:50:30

Wow thanks for all the replies, feeling slightly better that I do not suffer alone. Someone at work suggested bananas so will have some tonight, eating lots is certainly not a problem.

Last night my whining moans woke my dd who was most alarmed at mummies animal sounds, dh slept through it all of course. Mogend I would,nt wish this on anyone, well I can think of one or two, but to have it all the time must be a total nightmare. Have also remembered that my multi vits have ran out, so that might play a part in the sudden increase in activity.

Reagizmo, dont know the sex, although praying for 2nd girl , due on 27 Sept, so I guess I am actually 31 weeks.
I remember now how it almost disappeared after delivery, although in fairness was in a bit of a daze.

Right so over the next few days I will:
eat 3 bananas at night
have some grapefruit, yuk, during the day
continue with hot baths before bed
start back on multi vits
increase milk.

Just as well I'm up till late as I'll never remember it all.
I will keep you posted. sweet dreams everyone

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