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Umbilical hernia, anyone know anything about them?

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popadopalis Mon 27-Jul-09 22:34:01

Hi, I'm 29 weeks pregnant with #3 and have just been told I have an umbilical hernia. My question is, will it get worse with the strain of giving birth? Anyone know anything about them? Thanks.

popadopalis Mon 27-Jul-09 22:35:41


popadopalis Mon 27-Jul-09 22:42:12

Anyone please?

mummyto2boys Tue 28-Jul-09 00:14:35

hiya -i had one of these and it was agony at times so you have my sympathies!!

i found it was worse if i had been on my feet all day and had been carrying my ds1 around (he was 2 when i was pregnant)

i can't say it caused me even one extra thought while i was in labour or anything, although i remember during the latter stages that i had to cough while holding my belly button in eeeek (it still freaks me out now!)

it has resolved itself pretty much after the birth and now only causes minimal discomfort again if i have been carrying heavy things or had something really tight around my waist all day. doesn't seem worth the hassle of surgery or anything.

just be careful afterwards with your postnatal exercises and take them reeeeeally slowly. NEVER do any double leg raises (that applies to everyone really)and have a chat with your midwife if it gets unmanageable during your pregnancy. paracetamol is safe to take if you're finding it particularly painful.

xxx Good luck.

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