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Did you 'Know' you were having a boy/girl before you knew for sure???

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tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 27-Jul-09 11:05:21

Any major differences between pregnancies, just a feeling, any boy/girl signs you had???

GirlsAreLoud Mon 27-Jul-09 11:06:21

Yes, girl.

Just a feeling.

50% chance of being right though grin

tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 27-Jul-09 11:08:25

Was that your first pregnancy Girlsareloud?

GirlsAreLoud Mon 27-Jul-09 11:10:29


Rossco Mon 27-Jul-09 11:10:48

Only with my eldest. I 'knew' he was a boy, just a strong instinct right through the pregnancy.

When he was born the midwife had a quick glance at him and told me I had a girl!! I was shocked, I had been so convinced he was a boy. Then the midwife moved the cord and said 'ah, you have a boy' and all was right with the world grin.

That midwife may have needed some refresher classes.

HuffwardlyRouge Mon 27-Jul-09 11:11:12

I absolutely KNEW I was having a boy first time. Bought blue things with rockets on them and everything. She was a girl.

I had a 50% chance of being right, and if I had been right I'd be on this thread now spouting bollocks assuring you that I really did know.


paisleyleaf Mon 27-Jul-09 11:12:24

Same as HufwardlyRouge here

tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 27-Jul-09 11:12:53

There's nothing wrong with girls, blue and rockets!! gringringrin

Broodzilla Mon 27-Jul-09 11:14:46

I was 110% convinced that we're having a girl.
Had a name picked out and everything. Took me a couple of days to get over the news after the 20 week scan... It's very much a boy. (And I couldn't be happier - it's not that I wanted a girl, I just thought I was having one...)

Hawkmoth Mon 27-Jul-09 11:26:01

1st PG girl, this one boy.

I was much less actually sick... and have impressive thick black hair all over my belly. I'm SO attractive. hmm

Meglet Mon 27-Jul-09 11:35:36

Everyone said I was having a boy with my first pg and they were right.

I had shocking morning sickness with my next baby and guessed it would be a girl, and she was smile.

I never went out and bought boy / girl stuff first though.

Dophus Mon 27-Jul-09 11:39:48

I though both pgs were boys and was right (but wouldn't have placed a bet!)

There are some interesting statistics on baby centre that suggest that if you are having a girl you are about 50/50 on guessing coreectly. If you are pregnant with a boy - you are more likely to guess correctly.

bumpybecky Mon 27-Jul-09 11:40:04

I've known every time..

#1 was convinced it was a boy, just knew with that intutition thing. Spent a few days calling referring to our newborn as 'he' before I completely got the hang of her being a girl.....

#2 pregnancy was so very different, so I was convinced it would be a boy this time. No, was another girl!

#3 pregnancy was different again. I went totally off sugar and all sweet things, assumed it was a boy thing, was surprised when dd3 popped out

#4 pregnancy was virtually identical to #3 so I thought would be another girl. The ds arrived! shock was very surprised.

So, I've known four times and been wrong four times too. Pretty poor odds really!

MrsTittleMouse Mon 27-Jul-09 11:40:37

Me! I was utterly convinced that I was having a boy. We hadn't even thought about girls' names. Until the 20 week scan when she showed off her girly bits to us. With DD2 I was a bit more relaxed about it when I thought that I was having a boy.

In my defence I carried both of mine very high and forward and everyone tells you that boys are high and forward. Luckily we didn't mind either way and are very happy with our two girls.

tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 27-Jul-09 12:11:49

The morning sickness this time has been terrible- in hospital etc etc. I only had mild sickness with DS.

DH really wants a girl this time to the point its getting on my nerves. I am tempted to say its a boy again which I am very happy about. I might get a home gender test and not tell DH I have done it just to prepare myself for DH that a bit mean??

threeplusone Mon 27-Jul-09 12:15:44

With my first I was convinced i was having a girl , all the way through the pg everyone else kept telling mei was having a boy.. but I just knew, and sure enough out came DD.

Numbers 2 and 3 I didnt have a ckue really and found out on scans they were boys.

Number 4 Iam 11+1wks and convinced it is a girl.. but not sure if that is because i am hoping for another girl.. start on a girl finish on a girl.. Then I feel guilty incase it is a boy!! Will find out soon enough though.

I carried all three the same. other than had alot of probs carrying y DD and straight forward pgs with DSs

im 100% sure im having a boy have no idea why its just a feeling i have smile

will know sooner or later! grin

roxy12 Mon 27-Jul-09 13:14:45

I had a feeling it was a boy and it was.

50% chance. no one can ever be 100% sure they are having a boy or girl....unless they have found out but even then it can be a mistake

notsoteenagemum Mon 27-Jul-09 13:31:13

I was convinced I was having a boy both times but the first time I had dd and the second time I was right with ds.
My Dad was right on both occasions though [spooky]
I did have completely different pregnancies though, dreadful sickness with dd all the way through and a 'wrap-a-round' bump, no sickness with ds but awful heartburn all the way through and a bump all at the front.

mrswee Mon 27-Jul-09 14:30:40

I 'knew' I was having a boy, all my friends did too... but according to my 20 weeks scan... it's 90% sure a girl!
will have wait and see what pops out!


Deemented Mon 27-Jul-09 14:33:12

TBH, i hadn't a clue, but when i was pregnant with DD, DS turned round and said 'I am having a baby sister'. I tried to pursuade him that it may in fact be a boy, but he was adamant that it was a girl - he was obviously right. This time he has stated i'm having a boy and won't entertain the thought that it may be a girl. Guess we'll find out one way or the other soon enough.

KnockedUpDelf Mon 27-Jul-09 14:45:35

I was pretty sure I was having a girl, all my sisters did and I am one of many girls. I was so shocked when DH said "It's a boy!".

Don't know this time around, don't really have a preference, though if I am being honest maybe a slight leaning towards a boy - not because there is anything wrong in any way with girls but just that I know how to deal with little boy's now! But I suppose we would just get on with a little girl.

preggersplayspop Mon 27-Jul-09 14:49:41

I was asked at the scan what I thought it was, and I said Oooh I don't know. The sonographer asked me 'well what is your maternal instinct telling you', so I said, well OK, I think its a girl.

It was a boy.

My MIL has been telling me her 'medium' predicted my first baby would be a boy and was delighted she was right (which really wound me up), she then told her the next one was definitely a girl.

Its a boy. ha ha.

theboob Mon 27-Jul-09 14:51:04

no idea with pg 1, and ds arived, with pg 2 i was so sick and convinced it was a girl and DD arrived, pg 3 and i felt the same as with ds so knew i was having a boy and ds2 arrived, pg 4 i was very sick again and knew i was having a girl .....DD2 is due in sept grin

bratley Mon 27-Jul-09 15:10:26

Yeah I went out and bought boys clothes and hid them in my wardrobe away from DH until I knew 'for sure'! ie, when he was born! grin

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