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FFP - Maternity clothes (size 10-12)

(18 Posts)
Flamesparrow Mon 27-Jul-09 10:23:20

I got given a load from MNers and from a friend. There are some bits I just am not wearing, so am passing them on

I am being arsey like I normally am with giving stuff on MN - you have to post on more than just buying/selling!

Not splitting - tis just a job lot of random tops, trousers etc.

gizzy1973 Mon 27-Jul-09 11:31:07

Hi would it be ok for me to have them for a friend of mine - not sure whether she does post on here or not but i do know she is a size 10-12 unlike me sadly

If you want to check me out i post on the january board and also on nannies/childminders section every now and then

SparklyGothKat Mon 27-Jul-09 11:41:56

A friend of mine might be interested too. She does post on here just not regularly.

PootleTheFlump Mon 27-Jul-09 16:15:21


I would be interested (in line behind the others of course!) I post all over - am on Nov A/N thread too smile

carrielou2007 Mon 27-Jul-09 19:06:39

Can I get next in line too please? Size 12 though, don't think can squeeze into a 10 sad am mostly on pushchair shed (I post there a lot grin!!)

madmissy Mon 27-Jul-09 19:47:48

i would be interested please also in line smile

[SGK] did you mean me?

SparklyGothKat Mon 27-Jul-09 19:52:10

yes I did MM

madmissy Mon 27-Jul-09 20:08:14

thanks smile x

Flamesparrow Tue 28-Jul-09 11:31:45

Right - I can prob divide them into 2 lots, so will go with the first two - Gizzy and SGK (or should that be MM???)

Question - are either of you particularly blessed with short legs? Trousers are a mix of petite and normal, so if one of you is short, I can divide more easily wink

madmissy Tue 28-Jul-09 14:03:04

lol SGK was on about me grin
im no shortie though i'm afraid lol

gizzy1973 Tue 28-Jul-09 19:57:39

my friend is just about 5ft so she does have short legs so the petite stuff would be fantastic - this is why she is struggling to get stuff

can i put my email on here if so it is erical1 at

madmissy Tue 28-Jul-09 20:50:33

hehe that worked well!
my email is mrs braq at hotmail . co . uk

Flamesparrow Tue 28-Jul-09 21:31:27

yay - will sort it in the morning and work out what is what

madmissy Tue 28-Jul-09 21:35:53

smile thanks a lot

gizzy1973 Tue 28-Jul-09 21:50:37


madmissy Fri 31-Jul-09 17:35:33

Hello just wanted to make sure i gave the right email as i have not heard from you


gizzy1973 Mon 03-Aug-09 16:26:27

not sure if you have tried to email me or not but its

am off on holiday friday so wont answer emails for 2 weeks after then

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Aug-09 14:44:06

Ooh found the thread.

I got buried under a pile of nappy orders. I am finally getting this sorted over today/tomorrow (oops and when Gizzy gets back)

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