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small spots on my front?

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nickyb86 Sun 26-Jul-09 21:42:06

the last few days ive been gettin tiny spots all over my front and a little around the sides? is this just a side affect with pregnancy? also got pain in left upper abdo and headaches are everyday

lowrib Mon 27-Jul-09 00:47:29

What do the spots look like?

I got strange spots once (not while pregnant) and it turned put to be something called piteriasis rosea (sp?) (not tiny spots though so yours is probably something else).

I wouldn't be happy with the headaches or spots - if I were you I would speak to NHS direct 08454647 or see your Dr just to be on the safe side, and to see if you can alleviate it any.

How pregnant are you? If you're very pregnant the pain could be simply running out of room in there! I felt very uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy, as if my DS has a big elbow he was digging into my ribs!

Again I reckon it's worth getting checked out though.

olivo Mon 27-Jul-09 08:14:00

not sure about the pains, would get them checked out, but i have had a rash in both pgs, tiny tiny itchy spots, apparently the result of hormones. started both times at about 34 weeks.started on my bump and spread from head to toes. had tests for OC but clear, so was given piriton to help me sleep as itching was worse at night. def mention when you see midwife/dr.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 27-Jul-09 08:34:00

It's probably a sweat rash (ah the glamour of pregnancy!) Get your blood pressure checked out though. How pregnant are you?

Ladyem Mon 27-Jul-09 09:59:58

I got the rash a couple of weeks ago, tiny itchy spots, just on my bump and top of my legs. The pharmacist gave me E45 anti-itch cream. It was really soothing and took the rash down in a few days.

I'd get the headaches and pain checked out, though by the MW of GP.

nickyb86 Mon 27-Jul-09 18:08:15

im nearly 11weeks. got the doctor tomorow just to be on the safe side

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