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obstetric cholestasis at 24 weeks, hugs required

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eleanorsmum Sun 26-Jul-09 13:37:56

Have been more or less diagnosed with this on friday eve/sat morn. ALt's very high, still waiting for bile acid results. had to stay in friday night at hosp (still don't really know why!) am due to have liver scan on monday and then start treatment (whatever that might be). baby moving fine and heard heartbeat yesterday all fine.

Can anyone shed any light on the possible outcomes of this, I have looked up bits on the internet and alot say early delivery is usual but most people I've seen posting online have developed it later on in preganacy. I'm only 24 weeks and am now terrfied of having a very early baby. I am trying not to worry or panic until I see docs on monday. Have been having slight period like pains today but not really sore, think just me being paranoid!

Am coping with the itching ok, cool showers help as does standing on the door mat blush! anymore tips etc gratefully recieved.

QueenofVenus Sun 26-Jul-09 14:37:44

(((BIG hugs))) try not to worry, you are in safe hands and all the midwives and dr's will know what they are doing. Its so easy to convince yourself when you are already worried that bad things might happen, try and think positively in any way you can, i know that must be tough right now, but as you say baby is well, you are coping ok, and the dr's are keeping a close eye on you and baby and they are coming up with plans and treatment as we speak. Dont read and worry about everything you read up on the internet, every oc case doesnt have to be traumatic and result in premature babies smile xxx

eleanorsmum Sun 26-Jul-09 19:20:07

Thanks for your kind words. have everything crossed for tomorrow when hopefully i'll find out more.

twinmam Sun 26-Jul-09 19:38:29

Poor you Eleanorsmum. I had obstetric cholestasis, diagnosed at about 30 weeks and yes I did have my DTs early but this was because I also had pre-eclampsia too so everything went a bit haywire! What I would say is try not to worry (impossible I know) because once you have been diagnosed they will keep a really close eye on you and will do everything that is necessary to look after you and your baby.

It can vary greatly in severity and whilst it could mean an early baby that could mean a baby born at 36/7 weeks, for example - in fact I know someone this happened to. In my case my DDs were born at 34 weeks by c-section (they were both breech) and whilst that was a difficult situation - 2 weeks in SCBU - they are now 17 months old and absolutely fine; you wouldn't have a clue they had been prem. In fact in terms of language development they are way ahead of average for their age.

I guess what I'm saying is yes you could have an early baby and it's a good idea to prepare yourself for this possibility BUT it is by no means a certainty and it is possible you don't have a severe form. If indeed you have it at all. Make sure you ask LOTS of questions when you go back and find out how bad you have it and what the plan is for managing it. You are entitled to know what it going on so don't feel as if you're being a pain for asking lots of questions and take a notebook to appointments so you can write it all down as it's easy to forget afterwards and then worry all the more.

Oh and in case you were worried, the degree of itchiness - sounds like you are very itchy what with having to have the showers etc, poor you - is no indication of how bad it is. I had a very severe case, apparently, and yet hardly any itching - just happened to mention it to consultant at one of my checkups once we'd discovered my BP was really high.

Good luck with it all. I can understand how worrying a time this is and it's horrible having to spend your pregnancy being frightened but the fact that they have discovered it and will monitor you will, I am sure, keep you and your baby safe. Do let us know how you get on.

eleanorsmum Tue 28-Jul-09 08:17:40

Thanks for the support. I spent all day yesterday at hospital, mainly waiting around to see docs and get blood tests results. But I do have Obstetric cholestais and now have to take medication till baby is born which will relieve the itching and get rid of my excess enzymes. Also have some cooling cream called aqueos and menthol, feels odd but seems to have a positve effect. Have to go to the hosp every week for a blood test to check my enzyme and bile levels, if they aren't controlled by the drugs or go up too high I'm looking at early delivery.

I feel better than I did over the weekend but will feel even better next week when i have my first blood test on the drugs and can see the levels coming down hopefully. I'm glad I'm being seen and monitored but November seems such a long way off (due date 12/11/09). I also have to have a liver scan on thursday this week to see if they can see any damage to the liver.

This pregnancy has been so wanted (4 years trying after dd soon to be 5) and has been worrisome from the start, had an ealry bleed which caused much panic due to m/c last year. These things are sent to try us and I'm sure this little ones a fighter.

Deemented Tue 28-Jul-09 08:43:44

I don't know anything about OC, sorry, but just wanted to point you in the direction of the BLISS website - it's for premature babies, but there's a good forum for people who are high risk pregnancies. P'ras you could have a looksee round there and things might seem a little less daunting?

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