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When did you feel dc2 move?

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laurawantsababy Sat 25-Jul-09 19:54:35

Im 13+1 today and am sure I can feel it. Its on my waist line and is like something is banging my stomach.

Is it baby or something else? With dd I defo felt a kick and that was at 18/19 weeks.

hairtwiddler Sat 25-Jul-09 20:00:33

Felt DD at 16weeks. Now 23weeks with no.2 and felt squirms at 12 weeks. No one believed me though! Now have definite kicks.

laurawantsababy Sun 26-Jul-09 13:08:17

No one believes me either! I felt it again this morning and am sure its baby!

Trikken Sun 26-Jul-09 13:23:08

i felt this one at 13 weeks, and ds at 15. if you think it is, it probably is.

mogend77 Sun 26-Jul-09 13:33:44

DD1 I felt at 15 weeks. DD2 (now 29+4)I felt at 8+5. Nobody believed me but it felt so obvious and not like anything else. For the next couple of weeks noone was really convinced but at the dating scan 11 weeks I saw and felt it at the same time. After that they realised I was telling the truth! I do know of other people who have felt it that early.

Stinkyfeet Sun 26-Jul-09 13:36:46

10 weeks

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