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1st time mum and need sum help please!!

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marcia3381 Sat 25-Jul-09 09:09:20

hi there, i am 16 weeks today :D very para about this pregnancy as i m/c just two weeks before this one am quite worried that ive not really started to show yet, my waist is gone but still no bump, i gt waighed at midwifes the other day n had only put on 1kg too, is this normal, also when do you start to feel movement, thanks in advance for you help

daisyj Sat 25-Jul-09 09:24:11

It's absolutely understandable that you should be anxious in the circumstances. However it's quite normal not to show much, or to feel movement or to have gained much weight at 16 weeks. I lost weight in the first trimester - even though I wasn't sick my metabolism really seemed to speed up. By the time I was 16 weeks I'd put on less than two kilos. I was dying to have a proper bump, but didn't really start to show till 18 weeks (I thought I did, but no one else could see it, and now, looking back at photos, I can see that what I thought was a bump was really just a little roundness that could have been one too many chocolate biscuits smile). As for movement, although I felt some quite early, this is really variable, with lots of people not feeling much till over 20 weeks. Look out for a tingly bubbly feeling low down just above your pubic bone - it depends a great deal on where your placenta is, whether you feel much early on.

Hope that gives you a little reassurance. I also lost my first lo, and the result of my second pregnancy is currently playing on her playmat in the sitting room grin.

Good luck, and try to enjoy it as much as you can. If you feel wobbly now and again, there is a lovely thread for people pregnant after mc, where you can share all your worries and get lots of reassurance.

daisyj Sat 25-Jul-09 09:35:51


nickschick Sat 25-Jul-09 09:37:29

Dont worry about a bump I never showed until I was about 6 months -just looked 'thicker' around the waist.

Even with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies I was initially slow to gain weight at one point the GP told me that if he didnt know that I was a good eater hmm and quite sensible wink my lack of weight gain would be a concern,having said that none of my babies were small ranging from 7lbs to over 9lbs shock.

Movement is one of those things that unless youve felt before you dont realise iyswim with my first pregnancy it felt initially like a butterfly flapping later it felt like David Beckham was scoring in my womb hmm and its usually about 16 weeks.

motherbeyond Sat 25-Jul-09 09:45:21

if you're concerned why dont you ask for a chat with your midwife? my friend was tiny all the wasy through,you couldnt see a bump til at least 6 months...and she had a healthy 8 1b baby! dont think you start to feel movement yet in your 1st preg,maybe a few weeks to wait until you feel that little flutter! smile
you expect to worry about your baby when it's born,no one tells you the worry actually starts the day you find out you're pregnant!!

KingRolo Sat 25-Jul-09 09:52:23

I understand your worries, I had a similar experience with a MC before my last pregnancy and worried so much all the time.

Everything sounds normal though, not many people have a visible bump at 16 weeks. I know it was at least 20 weeks before I could feel anything and around 24 or 25 weeks before it was noticeable to anyone else.

Movements - tiny popping feelings - started at around 20 weeks but it vaires considerably from woman to woman.

I also lost weight in the first trimester. the result of feeling queasy a lot of the time so not eating anything greasy and of course, giving up the booze helps you lose a pound or two.

misssese Sun 26-Jul-09 12:07:04

Hi dont worry i didnt start to feel baby kicking till around 20 weeks! I also didnt start to show untill about 22 weeks i was worried i may have a small baby but scan have shown her to be a normal size! I think some people just dont put alot of weight on! we should think ourself's lucky , but its so hard not to worry.When i was last weighted at 22 weeks i hadnt put any weight on even thought you could start to see a bump none of the doctors commented on this at all ( and im a normal BMI not over weight or anything) so try not to worry! Thats why i love coming on here it really helps to settle my worries!! Good luck

skorpion Sun 26-Jul-09 12:13:34

I didn't feel movement until 19 weeks, but when I did it was already quite strong. Am 22 weeks now and still annoyingly look like I just can't control my cake consumption grin Not really a bump, more Michelin man.
Congratulations and good luck!

Dalrymps Sun 26-Jul-09 12:23:09

Try not to worry, have you had your 12 wk scan? I had a small bump and even when i thought it was big other people still didn't notice. In fact, when I went on maternity leave from work some people asked where i'd gone as they hadn't noticed I was pg!

I lost weight in the first trimester due to feeling sick and having 2 sickness bugs.

I made up for the eating once my morning sicnkess went but still only but on about a stone and a half by the end. Ds was 6lb 5oz, just a tiddler.

I'm sure all is finesmile

idreamofbeanie Mon 27-Jul-09 17:22:13


I'm so sorry about your m/c sad.

I felt a bit bigger (more bloated than bump) but was still wearing all my regular clothes until about 21 weeks then the bump just seemed to appear from nowhere. I started feeling little flutters around 20 weeks, just before my scan, but most of the time I wasn't really sure whether it was the baby or just my stomach growling. I didn't really get any definite kicks until around 24 weeks. Even now at 31 weeks she is more of a wriggler than a kicker.

I hope your LO starts kicking soon - I remember how reassuring it was to feel those daily movements - but I won't wish a bump on you too soon. As lovely as it is to look pregnant it is a bloody pain to carry around and sleep with.

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