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35 weeks pregnant and son has suspected swine flu what to do??

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loganberry12 Fri 24-Jul-09 12:10:36

My son is due to come home froma school trip today, he phoned this morning to say he has been up all night being sick. One of the other children was sent home early in the week with suspected swine flu, so im really concerned, my son is 14 and still needs me to look after him as of course id want to if he is ill, the thing is im worried if he has got swine flu as im 35 weeks pregnant, my husband suggested that if he did have it then it would be better for me to go and stay with my mother while he nursed our son, but to be honest if its not too much of a risk id rather be home with him!!! what would be your advice to do?

mrsboogie Fri 24-Jul-09 12:24:00

speak to your doctor first off, if it looks like he has it you should go and stay elsewhere, he isn't a baby, he is 14 so his dad can look after him - you should avoid contact with it if you can with only a few weeks to go.

VJaybigpants Fri 24-Jul-09 12:24:42

Ring your gp or midwife for advice. I'm 35 weeks pg too and am so wary of dh or ds getting it, or me for that matter, and that's what I would do if one of them got it. I hope your ds is ok smile

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