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Hyperemesis and subsequent pregnancies

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BroodyChook Fri 24-Jul-09 09:37:06

I have two children, and suffered with hyperemesis in both pregnancies. With DS1, I was ill between weeks 7 and 12, and was hospitalised for a week. I was given phenergan, and stemetil as well as vitamin B6 injections, and that combination had me back on my feet by 12 weeks. No one could tell me whether it would come back with subsequent pregnancies, so I took a chance.

With DS2 I was ill between weeks 6 and 20, hospitalised twice, lost two stone (from 9 to 7), and also suffered with ptyalism (sp?). The stemetil didn't work, and I was on the verge of kidney failure when they gave me odanestron. The odanestron worked (it was like a miracle!), although I wasn't really well for the remainder of the pregnancy (nausea, but not actually throwing up every twenty minutes around the clock).

I would really like another child, but am understandably nervous. Has anyone here had a similair experience, and then gone on to have a third baby? I understand that there is a very high chance that I would suffer from hyperemesis again, and am torn between desperately wanting another child, and being terrified of the illness. Any experiences welcome!

BroodyChook Fri 24-Jul-09 14:58:20


FurryFox Fri 24-Jul-09 16:51:29

I only have two DC but with both I suffered from hyperemesis. With DD1 I was ill till 24 weeks and hospitalised twice, they did give me some tablets while in hospital but to this day I don't know what they were but never felt they helped anyway to be honest

With DD2 I was ill till about 20 weeks but only hospitalised once and the sickness wasn't as bad as DD1.

So I guess I can't really help with your question but just thought I'd give you my experience.

I don't think we will be trying for a thrid baby, not because of the hyperemesis, just because we're happy with two at the moment. DD2 is only 19 months so hopefully have a while anyway if we did decide to go for no3. I am convinced if we did have another then I would get hyperemisis again but I guess it's something no one knows for sure.

I think if I really wanted another then I would go for it but make sure I was fully prepared, mentally and emotionally and try and make sure I had lot's of support and people to help out the DC's if possible.

Good luck with your decision smile

suiledonn Fri 24-Jul-09 17:02:14

Hi, I have dc's also. Had hyperemesis on both. On dd1 I was ill the entire pregnancy and hospitalised a couple of times. Had stemetil but don't think it helped. On dd2 I was intensely ill from 6-13 weeks and lost over a stone in that time. I managed to keep out of hospital. At 13 weeks the vomiting stopped and I really enjoyed the end of the pregnancy.

Managing one toddler was difficult enough when I was so ill. Don't think I could cope with 2 so not planning any more.

kathyis6incheshigh Fri 24-Jul-09 17:18:09

Hi Broodychook.
I'm on my third hyperemesis pregnancy.

With the first pregnancy, I lost 2 stone in a few weeks but they gave me cyclizine and it kept me out of hospital. I was sick for, I don't know, about 3 months, and nauseous for another.

The second time round I was slightly less bad. I got a prescription for phenergan before the sickness even started; it didn't seem to do an awful lot of good, so once I was throwing up regularly I moved to cyclizine again which kept it under control. Was off work for 2 months but then was fine.

I had managed to convince myself that as it was less bad the second time it would be less bad still the third. Ha - more fool me! When I started throwing up over 10 times a day I got cyclizine which got it down to about 6 and then it gradually declined over 5 months to where I'm only throwing up occasionally as long as I rest a lot; much worse if I push myself physically. I've tried stopping the cyclizine but can't keep much down without it. I'm 28 weeks now. Severe nausea all the time.

This pregnancy has been the toughest of all. It's been hard on my 4 yo dd - she is really looking forward to when the baby is born and I'm better! And very hard on poor dh who has been doing virtually all the housework etc. My job has been at risk and I got depressed at one point.

Will it be worth it though - yes definitely. I wanted three children, and this is the price I have to pay. But there is no way on earth I would have a fourth because as a family we are at the limit of what we can cope with.
You can imagine how much I'm looking forward to the baby being born - 81 days last time I counted grin

Sorry to be so moany, but basically what I would say is - your pregnancy will probably suck. I am sick enough but I have never been to hospital with it, which suggests that you have almost certainly been sicker! However, we are coping, as would you. And when the baby's born it's worth it - it just is.
I think really it comes down to how much you want another baby. If it's just sheer, irrational, broodiness, then maybe you just have to do it? Furryfox said they were happy with two - well, I just wasn't, daft as I am grin.

And if you do go for it, get the drugs as soon as you can, preferably before the sickness starts. There used to be a website which no longer exists which linked to a lot of the research and one thing it said was that the less bad it was allowed to get, the milder and shorter-lived it would be overall. You already know what drugs work from your previous experiences, so you are in a good position to take control of your treatment. (It's easier to get medication out of doctors when they can see on your records that you've had it before, I find.)

ps I have ptyalism too, it's yuck isn't it?!

sorry about the essay, good luck!

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