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First kick to birth...?

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HeadFairy Thu 23-Jul-09 19:52:19

Under the week by week pregnancy section on here (weeks 17-20) it says there was a study done which established the average time from first kick to baby being born was 147 days. Does anyone know any more about this? Is it from first actual kick or first movements (the odd bubbly sensation you get before you feel the kicks)?

HeadFairy Fri 24-Jul-09 19:45:41


mogend77 Fri 24-Jul-09 20:08:38

Gosh I hope not as that would mean mine was going to arrive at 29+5, which is in two days time. I felt this baby at 8+5. Tiny but very obvious little jabs and pokes.

Caro1302 Fri 24-Jul-09 20:48:55

I don't think so as I felt this baby at 11 weeks and am now 39+4 and still waiting...

HeadFairy Fri 24-Jul-09 21:14:41

Oh that's good to know, I think I felt a few kicks a week or so back but that would make me early too!

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