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If your first was at all early... what about subsequent babies?

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JimmyMcNulty Thu 23-Jul-09 19:51:43

Ds came 10 days before due date much to my surprise (I know this isn't technically 'early'). Now I've passed the equivalent point in this pregnancy and the bump is feeling massively uncomfortable but stubbornly no signs, barely even any BHs.

Has anyone gone well overdue in subsequent pgs after an early first arrival? Or is it unusual?

(Disclaimer: I know this is pointless and nobody can tell me when I will go into labour, but please just humour me... am staring at the possibility of 3 more weeks of being pg)

random Thu 23-Jul-09 19:53:17

Sorry but my first was 5 weeks early next 2 were 2 weeks late

JimmyMcNulty Thu 23-Jul-09 20:01:00

Oh crap sad


peanutbutterkid Thu 23-Jul-09 20:13:58

1st baby was 1 week early, After that they came later and later, until 4th baby was 11 days late.

missblythe Thu 23-Jul-09 20:15:28

both were 6 days early

Loopymumsy Thu 23-Jul-09 20:18:43

Message withdrawn

ChasingSquirrels Thu 23-Jul-09 20:23:50

both born bang on 37 weeks - ds1 just after midnight, ds2 just before.

Deemented Thu 23-Jul-09 20:33:37

My boys were born 12 weeks early (and both 2lbs) dd was born at 39+2(and 10lb 2 - feck, that was a shock!)

charlietheangel Thu 23-Jul-09 20:37:50

Both of mine came early, DS 10 days, DD 7 days early, I'd get ready.....

Narketta Thu 23-Jul-09 20:39:46

My first was born 11 days early and my 2nd was 4 days OD.

JimmyMcNulty Thu 23-Jul-09 21:37:53

Hmm. Subsequent being overdue seems to be the trend! I really thought it would be the other way around.

meemarsgotabrandnewbump Fri 24-Jul-09 13:42:51

DS1 was 5 weeks early, DS2 was ontime but I felt overdue because I was expecting him to come early grin

Am now pg with no3 and don't know what to expect!

Chrysanthamum Sat 25-Jul-09 22:48:02

DS1 was 14 days early
Ds2 was 3 days early.
Am 36.5 weeks pg with no 3 and the head is engaged, i was told on thursday. I'm now really grumpy and impatient for no3 even tho its not due until 20 aug. I wish I hadn't been told about engaged head!
However my midwife does say that you have a better chance of going early if previous babies came early. Good luck I hope your baby arrives soon. I have the sinking feeling I might be hanging in until 42 weeks now!

IdrisTheDragon Sat 25-Jul-09 22:52:57

DS was 11 days early.

I assumed DD would be early as well. She was 4 days late. The extra two weeks or so felt very long.

IdrisTheDragon Sat 25-Jul-09 22:53:47

Ooh I'm the same as Narketta smile

neolara Sun 26-Jul-09 14:02:18

My first was 37 + 3 and my second was 37 + 0. I'm now 34 weeks and my midwife is coming to do the birth plan next week as she also thinks there's a strong chance this one could be early too.

tigger32 Sun 26-Jul-09 14:57:45

Ds1 7 days early
Ds2 bang on date (although waters went 2 days before)
Pg with no.3 now and hope it will be late as I'm not organised at all yet!

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