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Dreamgenii support pillow - does anyone recommend this?

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bubblesincambridge Thu 23-Jul-09 18:31:31

Or are they a waste of money??

sjbj Thu 23-Jul-09 18:45:02

I got one and at the moment i end up in knots!! I think they are prob better when you are bigger as they will stop you rolling on your back - i hope!!hmm

confusedfirsttimemum Thu 23-Jul-09 18:46:36

Found mine useless I'm afraid. Am freecycling it when I get a moment...

loganberry12 Thu 23-Jul-09 18:49:32

i have one and i think its a god send wouldnt be without mine i have spd and it really helps take pressure off my pelvic

Pinner35 Thu 23-Jul-09 18:52:26

I had one when I was pg and it was fab......was good the few days afterwards too, made me much more comfortable. Hubby is currently using it to support his recently operated on knee.

audreyraines Thu 23-Jul-09 20:09:19

i've loved it the whole way through - highly recommend. i was a bit dubious at first, but find it a lifesaver (sleepsaver).

hencath Fri 24-Jul-09 12:05:50

Loved it, currently 38weeks pregnant and use it every night. Use the longer side behind back to stop me rolling onto back and smaller bit I shove under my bump. I must say though that I still use another 5 pillows in various positions to help me sleep. 3 positioned around my head and then two between my knees (SPD sufferer). Pillow support is totally personal though you really have to just keep trying different positions/supports until you find something that works.

Good luck.

Longtalljosie Fri 24-Jul-09 20:57:44

I'm really glad I used mine - it keeps me on my left and my back supported. Would thoroughly recommend. Although maybe you could have confusedfirsttimemum's one for free? grin

Snowfalls108 Fri 24-Jul-09 21:28:27

Love mine.

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