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Slightly confused - periods, but maybe pregnant?

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heartonsleeve Thu 23-Jul-09 16:19:05

Ok ? here goes. I have been lurking on here for a month or so now, and today have had what I think is going to be a dawning realisation I may be expecting?but just in case I?m going crazy and adding 2+2 to make 5, I?d like your thoughts on these symptoms, before I got out and spend a fiver on Boots? cheapest tests!

The symptoms I think I have are; general tiredness and unenthusiasm for life, very regular (too regular?) toilet habits, wind, my last two periods have been much lighter than usual, I have pain in my stomach/ribs and have been slowly putting on a bit of weight (mainly in one area!).

My DH and I have sex fairly regularly (usually once a week at least) and our contraceptive method is condoms. But (TMI!) he usually starts off without one, and gets almost all the way, then hurriedly puts on one to finish with blush

So?what do you good ladies think? I know there?s only one way to know for sure, but am just hoping I may be reading to much into the ?people who didn?t know they were pregnant? threads?how usual is it to still be having periods (although much lighter ones?)

Place your bets here?!

heartonsleeve Thu 23-Jul-09 16:19:53

And if anybody can tell me how I make my apostrophies and commas not be question marks I would be most grateful...

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