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first timer- i'm confused and have a few queries if you don't mind please :)

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ilovecrispsandwiches Thu 23-Jul-09 15:51:24

hello ladies!

after being a lurker for a while, i have now joined after getting my bfp on monday smile

i have been told by the doc that i am 8 and a half weeks. this is my first, and i'm 23.

i have a few questions and thoughts to compare really if you don't mind grin

before i got a positive, i noticed that when i sneezed it felt different to normal- more secure/gentle?! i now think that my body was automatically trying to be gentle and not force my guts out of me hehe. has anyone else felt this way?

my first midwife booking apt will be in 3 weeks, and i am wondering how soon after that will i have my first scan? is it usually any sooner or later than 12 weeks?
i should have really asked more at my doctor appointment but was a bit shocked and just tended to nod and agree with everything she said sad i also wanted to check whether normal paracetemol was ok to take incase i get a headache.
(i had better get my persuasive head in gear for labour eh?)

i have a few inch long dark veins near my belly button. i didn't expect anything other than boob veins so soon but on inspection my whole tummy looks a bit 'road map' like! smile is this just all the extra blood flowing or could it be something bad?

since getting my bfp i have not been sick! and my boobs hurt less. is this sod's law or what! grin

lastly my roots look sooooooo crappy and i usually bleach my roots all over and yes, it covers my scalp.
it is not possible for me to do it without getting it on my scalp and i wondered whether it is safe to do so. i cannot go darker. i am happy to hold out for another month or so if it will be safer in the second trimester.

sorry for my long random ramblings!
i would be interested in any input or thoughts you may have.
thanks for reading everyone

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Thu 23-Jul-09 15:55:48

First scan, usually at 12 weeks.
Paracetamol, fine. Aspirin, not fine.
The marks on your belly could be the start of a linea nigra - although that would be early IME.
Hair dye totally safe AFAIK, I dyed my hair all through my pregnancies and my kids are mostly fine.

Congratulations on your BFP and welcome to MN! smile

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Thu 23-Jul-09 15:56:54

PS - check out the antenatal clubs, they're great for support and laughs. Not sure what I would have done without my Jan '07 girls! grin

Rumpel Thu 23-Jul-09 15:57:57

Congratulations! smile

Blood flow will be more in your abd area now as well as everywhere else as your bod prepares. First scan usually around about 12 weeks - could be 11 or could be 13 or 14 - depends on when they can fit you in.

Thank your lucky stars you have not felt sick - some people are very very lucky and don't (envy massive jealous emoticon - I am sooo sick in pg) and everyone's boobs are different too.

Paracetomol is fine for headaches.

Your hair texture may change - my scalp gets really itchy and flaky when pg with the added bonus of oily roots! Best not to apply dye to scalp as your scalp can absorb products get a full head cap tint or go au natural!

Good luck.

midnightexpress Thu 23-Jul-09 15:58:05

Hi there welcome and congratulations! grin

I don't remember anything about sneezing from my pgs.

Scans are usually at around 12 weeks unless there is a specific reason for you to have an earlier one. Differs slightly according to area though - check with your MW/GP if you are unsure.

Paracetomol is fine, but try to avoid ibuprofen.

I too was lucky and didn't have any morning sickness with either of my pgs. Think yourself lucky and enjoy it grin.

Not sure about the dye thing. I'm sure it's been discussed on here though - you could do a search.


ilovecrispsandwiches Thu 23-Jul-09 16:06:06

thanks alot for your reply. i am looking forward to sticking around here grin

i'm relieved about the hair dye, have googled abit about it too and seems to be the majority consider it fine, phew! i don't want to look any more rough than i do usually hehe

very interesting to read about linea nigra. thanks for the link. after looking at the pics, my marks/veins are to the right of my belly button, sort of upward between my right hip bone and belly button. i think it is def a vein as it is like my oldie veins on my legs (must learn to uncross legs more often) sad ooh just realised i will have a nice stretched piercing hole there smile nice!

thanks again TAFKAtheUrbanDryad

ilovecrispsandwiches Thu 23-Jul-09 16:14:53

sorry i was not very clear- i have been sick for the past few weeks but was in denial about doing a test as i got soooooo many negatives since ttc began in january, i had a 'stand off' and refused to test as i wasted lots of money and had lots of tears. i was sick on and off for about 3-4 weeks (still denial! i blamed a bug HA)
but since i tested this monday i have not woken up to be sick immediatly each morning like i had been. lucky it is just watery rubbish as i've been scared to eat after 9pm for that reason blush
i don't want to tempt fate by assuming that is the end of my sickness lol or it will come back and bite me....

hmm getting my hair done by cap would be a nice treat i suppose, have not been to hairdresser for years and cap at home went awfully last time i had it done
i'll have a search round for some old threads.

i have to say to you all, now seems a great time for any non swine flu related doctor appointments- it was totally empty! ha makes a change hey

thanks to you all. i have not been able to share my news on the 'outside' yet so it is a relief to get this off my chest and talk with someone other than my bf

TakeLovingChances Fri 24-Jul-09 11:21:02

Are you due in March 2010? You should join our March 2010 ante-natal thread. Do a search for it, and come join the madness where all the women due in March 2010 (including me) all chat about how we feel, how we look and all the rest. I'm a 1st-timer too


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