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Those of you who had a hospital birth early hours of the morning or in the night!!

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loganberry12 Thu 23-Jul-09 13:27:14

if you went into labour in the night or early hours of the morning did you wear your nighty and dressing gown or get dressed,to go to the hospital? just wondering as you do the last few weeks about silly things lol

Ladyem Thu 23-Jul-09 13:45:35

I didn't go in the early hours of the morning with DD, but if I did this time, there's no way I'm worrying about getting changed while labouring!! My friend went into hospital early hours of the morning and did go in her pjs!! grin

mad4myboys Thu 23-Jul-09 13:48:08

myds's were born at 3.31am and3.44am. Went in pjs but put joggers over the bottoms and a coat as was cold. Last thing you want to be doing is getting changed when right near the end although for most labours wouldnt be a problem but mine were 4 hours and 1.5 hours...

alana39 Thu 23-Jul-09 13:49:26

I went in at midnight with first - had to get changed as waters had just broken over my pyjamas, and I think I just stuck on a T shirt and stretchy trackies or leggings. Nothing else comfortable by then.

Second time went in at 2.30 - too stressed about dropping off 18 month old at grandparents to worry about what I was wearing - some old nightie I think.

If you do end up going in wearing something you decide you don't want to ruin forever, ask for a hospital gown. You really won't care!

Good luck smile

Chunkamatic Thu 23-Jul-09 20:53:54

I went in at 2am in tracksuit bottoms and top (i think!) but had nighties in hospital bag that i changed in to when i got there. There were plenty of people hanging around the place in pj's and dressing gown though so dont worry about being embarrassed (and really, you will not care anyway!) Good luck!!

dani87 Sat 01-Aug-09 21:48:14

i went in about 12am wiv dd n i wore my dressing gown n nightie as was not thinking at the time as was excited and nervous! u 4get what ur wearing. so dont worry just go with what u feel comfortable in! good luck!!!

YanknCock Sun 02-Aug-09 20:41:11

Not me, but a friend who just had her baby three weeks ago....

She went at about 1am in her nightie and dressing gown. Her opinion was that they took you more seriously (really believed you were in labour) if you looked like you didn't give a sh*t what you were wearing!

Geepers Sun 02-Aug-09 20:47:32

I went in at 9pm with my last baby. I'd had a massive bleed while in the bath and was in total agony by the time I got out and was dressing. I wore pajamas as they were quick and stretchy to put on, and my slippers. I couldn't have put anything else on if I'd wanted to. I didn't care. Loads of people in reception area of hospital too, and I didn't care. Think they were scared I was going to give birth in front of them though ;)

makedoandmend Sun 02-Aug-09 20:55:30

Went in at 4am in tatty nightie and coat over the top - but by that point I could have been dressed as Napoleon and I wouldn't have cared.

Don't worry about it - it'll happen and you won't really notice - just like you won't notice that you'll probably end up naked by the time the baby is born (i still have no recollection of when my clothes actually came off!)

nancy75 Sun 02-Aug-09 20:58:54

i went in a 5am, i did get dressed, but only because when i phoned they told me to have a bath rather than come in, so i had already got undressed and just put normal clothes on.

MummyDragon Sun 02-Aug-09 21:00:50

I managed to get dressed both times (went into labour at 4 a.m. and 2 a.m. respectively). Put on a vest top and tracksuit bottoms ... and managed to keep the vest top on both times to actually give birth!!

A tip for the postnatal ward: remember to take some clothes (as opposed to nightclothes with you) - people's OHs will be wandering around during the day and you may feel a bit odd if you're doing the post-birth wide-legged shuffle in a nightie (well, I did anyway, perhaps I'm just a prude?!) blush

Trackie bottoms / linen trousers and a t-shirt are good smile and flipflops to wear to the bathroom!

nulgirl Sun 02-Aug-09 21:02:39

I went in at 4am dressed in tshirt and tracksuit. I was only in early labour but my waters had/ were in the process of breaking and I was attempting a VBAC so they wanted me in early. I took a towel to sit on whilst I was waiting in the recpetion area.Changed into a nightie when I got there.

I suppose it depends on the time of year. I gave birth at the end of November and it was snowing. I might have opted for a nightie in summer.

BertieBotts Sun 02-Aug-09 21:09:06

I went into labour wearing a huge t shirt which I use as pyjamas. When I went into hospital I just stuck some maternity jeans on and one of DP's hoodies over the top as it was cold.

I really didn't care what I looked like TBH It was dark outside (11pm) and maternity dept entrance was the other side of the hospital to A&E so didn't have to walk past loads of people.

bratley Sun 02-Aug-09 21:09:23

I went in at 12.15am, had been in slow labour for 3days before hand so I just didnt care by the time I went in!
I just wore a maternity vest top and track pants, and my trainers.
But I took 3 pairs of pj bottoms with me and used all 3 as I leaked through them!
I didn't have my DS til 28hours later so we walked round the hospital a lot but when I went into the delievery suite I just had my vest top on, nothing else, and delivered him in just that, too!
Don't worry about it, you won't even care what you're wearing by the time you go to hospital! grin

liath Sun 02-Aug-09 21:10:21

I got fully dressed including hiking shoes. I have no idea what posessed me, I remember struggling to lace them up yet it didn't occur to me to wear flip flops instead hmm.

moomaa Sun 02-Aug-09 21:24:04

Agree you won't care, I went in at night time both times and recommend it if you can arrange it that way Two reasons: First no traffic en route. Second you don't have to go through the assessment unit thing they have at our hospital, I couldn't imagine waiting in a reception room in front of other people, in labour, second time every contraction had me on the floor gasping (I'd left it late).

Both times I was dressed. First time I got changed into nightie when I got there, second time I just took my trousers and knickers off and gave bith in top I was in (still got it too, I was going to chuck it away but it washed up fine!).

bratley Sun 02-Aug-09 21:36:31

lol, that just made me think of something...
I used to work saturdays in a big london salon and I hated it, the staff were all up their own arses. One day they were all talking about 'I wore this to ....' 'I bought this to wear to...' so I enlightened them with 'I wore this vest top when I gave birth!'

Total silence..... grin

rolledhedgehog Sun 02-Aug-09 21:44:29

I went in normal clothes but I had not got changed for bed as went into labour at about 11pm but did not leave for hospital until nearly 4am. Got there with only 10 mins to spare!

Flibbertyjibbet Sun 02-Aug-09 21:48:34

I'd been having contractions for days before they finally got close enough together to go in. I staggered into the hospital at 2am in pouring rain, in dp's dressing gown, a pair of size 24 tracksuit bottoms that someone had given me, a huge baggy maternity t shirt, and er grin a scalding hot water bottle held against my back by a big old scarf tied in a big knot under my bump... the hot water bottle or standing with my back under a scalding shower were the only things that helped with the backpain.

No idea at all what was on my feet. It was late december so probably some disgusting old worn out furry slippers...

The midwives said 'well thats a first' I undressed and handed dp the hot water bottle!

DS 2 was elective section so I was not caught out again - chose an outfit carefully on the day, did my hair in the morning and had nice pics of me and my new baby instead of ones with me looking like I've just been in a 90 degree wash with fast spin grin

notagrannyyet Sun 02-Aug-09 21:52:24

I went in during the night/early morning for 4 out of 6 births.

Got fully dressed the first time. even got my tights on!

Put dressing gown over nightie for number 2. She arrived about 10 mins after I got to labour ward. I was still in same nightie.

DS4 & DS5 both the same. Showered at home put on tee shirt & joggers for the journey. Had time to unpack bag and put on nightie.

Actually wore same nightie for 4 out of 6 births. I've still got it! Might keep it as a family heirloom!

pointydog Sun 02-Aug-09 22:15:08

Interesting question. I suppose it depends on the sort of labour you have.

Although contractions started both times in teh early hours of the morning, it went on for so long that at some point I obviously made the decision to put clothes on as I went into hospital fully clothed. I'm sure I never considered just keeping my pyjamas or nightie on.

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