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Discharge or Leaking Amnio

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Miche11e Thu 23-Jul-09 09:02:54


This is my first time on Mumsnet after a friend recommended the site to me. I am currently 25 +1 and last week had a bit of a scare. I thought I might have been leaking amnio fluid. Sat, although on my feet for most of it I had wet underwear and I did the smell test TMI I know and there was no amonia smell and there was no colour (I have been used to seeing white discharge so this was very disconcerting). Sun, I felt damp and Mon too and just felt that I was leaking intermitently, but quite alot when I was. So spoke to the midwife and she told me to come in and get checked out. So was in hospital for most of Mon and they did an exam similar to smear and took a swab (now Im not 100% sure if the smear was to test for amnio fluid or infection). They found bubbas heartbeat all fine and bubba gave a thud for good measure. They couldnt do bloods as was on my last tablet for a UTI. They sent me for a scan and said that the amnio was low but the Doc said it was still within the normal range. They then said that there was a prob with bubbas kidney so going back for another scan at 32 weeks, they said that my placenta was anterior and lying low and my cervix was closed. Anyway, they said to keep an eye on the fluid and if got lots of leakage to come back in. I had bloods taken on Wed and then got all results on Fri and was told that all was clear, no infection, but Im not sure about the swab test. Anyway, reason Im posting is that on/off over the last few days had this fluid/discharge again, mainly clear and it makes my underwear damp/wet and sometimes it is white but mainly clear Im not sure whether this is just discharge or not. Its driving me insane and I dont want to necessarily bother the hospital again if its just discharge. Sorry this is a long one and Im a first time mum and prob more anxious than normal as I have PCOS and it has taken hubby and I 2 1/2 years to finally make this special one. Thanks for listening.

rubyslippers Thu 23-Jul-09 09:05:16

call your MW

increased discharge is a very common feature of PG BUT if it is watery and soaking through a pad then you could have a little leak ....

you haven't got your swab results i take it?

theyoungvisiter Thu 23-Jul-09 09:11:00

hi michelle, it all sounds a bit worrying.

I'm not an expert but I also had suspected leakage and went in for a swab - in my case it was to test for amniotic fluid, they have a special kind of swab that turns a different colour when in contact with amniotic fluid.

I imagine that's probably what they were doing with you, although I guess they might also have tested for an infection.

Just to reassure you, I had what felt like an enormous amount of clear fluid in the last 10 or so weeks of both my pregnancies, but it turned out not to be amniotic fluid but just a change in discharge as I got closer to term - nice grin

With my first pg I was monitored for fluid levels just in case and had repeated dopplers but all was fine - so fingers crossed this is the same for you.

Mainly though I would say do NOT worry about going back - that's what they're there for and leaking fluid is a very valid worry. So do go back if you feel you need to, and also get monitored if you have the least worries about the baby's movements.

theyoungvisiter Thu 23-Jul-09 09:13:16

ruby - if it was a swab for amniotic fluid then they get the results there and then - there's no waiting, or at least there wasn't in my case.

Perhaps worth calling your MW and asking what they were testing for, Michelle - or it might say in your notes if you have a look.

theyoungvisiter Thu 23-Jul-09 09:15:26

PS Michelle, just re-reading my first post - when I said "it all sounds a bit worrying" I didn't mean it sounds very serious, I just meant that I can see why you would be worried. smile

LeninGrad Thu 23-Jul-09 09:22:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Miche11e Thu 23-Jul-09 09:24:33


Well when the midwife rang me on Friday to give me the results she had to leave me a message and she said that the results were all fine, so not sure if the swab was to test for amnio fluid or infection, as Im assuming the bloods were for infection. Im trying to be positive and think that if the hospital/midwife were concerned they would have given me certain instructions. I just feel a bit silly as when I was at hospital they got me to lay down for an hour with a pad and nothing happened - which is just typical. I dont really know what Im looking for as the hospital didnt confirm either way if I had been leaking amnio or not, dont get me wrong my pads are not soaking but the odd occasion where I havnt worn a pad my underwear was rather damp and has sometimes come through on my jeans really sorry for the info. I also seem to notice it more when Im sitting down too.

Mossop Thu 23-Jul-09 09:24:58

Hi Michelle,

I had watery discharge in my first pregnancy from 20something weeks. Like you I was worried and got it checked out, had a swab etc, and in my case all was fine. I wore a panty liner for the rest of my pregnancy. I'm now 27 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and the same thing is happening again. So it is something that is normal in some people.

Don't worry about getting checked out again though, if you are at all worried.

rubyslippers Thu 23-Jul-09 09:25:54

oh - i didn't know that about the swabbing

from the OP it says that she wasn't sure about the swab test

JodieO Thu 23-Jul-09 09:32:34

My waters broke at 22 weeks with ds2, thankfully everything was ok and he is now a healthy 2 and a half year old. I was admitted quite a few times into hospital, had weekly blood tests and scans to check fluid levels but they didn't use a swab to test for fluid as it isn't accurate. When I went in my cervix was looked at and the consultant saw fluid leaking from my cervix.

I'd definitely go back in and get checked again. I had a definite plan of what they wanted to do and when etc and I knew the risks and options open to me. I read a lot about pprom (preterm premature rupture of membranes) which helped me a lot in coping with it.

Miche11e Thu 23-Jul-09 09:33:46


Yes sorry so I guess the swab was to test for infection as the doc didnt do any form of testing there and then on a test paper.

Mossop - you post has put me at ease actually, although I think I will mention again at my next appointment, which is in 3 weeks. This morning having checked my discharge it is more whitish and a little thickish, I guess I will just have to wear a pantyliner constantly.

DaisymooSteiner Thu 23-Jul-09 09:36:01

The swab would have been to check for infection if they sent it off. I'd let your midwife/hospital know that you still feel as if you're leaking fluid.

Longtalljosie Thu 23-Jul-09 09:49:27

Exactly the same thing happened with me, from about 24 weeks onwards. Like you, I ended up in hospital with a swab test. Like you, the discharge is mostly clear, sometimes white, and makes your knickers a bit damp.

What I was advised to do was wear a panty liner, and if I was soaking it, to bring it in for testing.

Miche11e Fri 24-Jul-09 18:29:35


Well an update, I rang the midwife this morning and she told me to come back in again to get checked over. Waited 4 hours to be seen by a consultant, but anyway, he reassured me that it was excessive discharge rather than amnio fluid - which is a relief and a definite answer rather than maybe. They did another swab though and checked my urine and monitored the baby and did a scan and everything seems fine so very very relieved now. He was a nice guy though as I said that last time I never got a definite answer and I didnt want to waste their time but he was lovely and said no you did the right thing to come in and get it checked. Anyway, a nice way to end the whole palava was being monitered and listening to Popcorn (thats my nickname for bubba), moving around and kicking at the monitor it was hysterical, I couldnt stop laughing and was practically crying. I really dont think my little one likes these monitors or scans.
A happy mom to be now! Michellexx

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