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underwire bras

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Southwestwhippet Wed 22-Jul-09 20:08:08

My friend says categorically not to wear these at all if one is pregnant as they cause mastitis.

However, I'm only 14 weeks and frankly the fabulous new boobs which I have wanted ALL MY LIFE are pretty much the only ray of sunlight in the otherwise tired/sick/emotional/getting fat world of pregnancy. wink

I want to show them off grin - sports bras and underwire-free bras are just sooooo unflattering.

Is my friend right? or can I wear all my fancy bras for a bit longer?

[have read this back and realise I sound a bit like a hooker. I'm not intending to flash old people in the street, it is just that I have a lot of tops that suddenly look really nice now I've got something up top to fill them...]

Cies Wed 22-Jul-09 20:13:17

I asked my midwife and she said to wear whatever I found comfortable. The key is to make sure it fits properly.

AmazingBouncingFerret Wed 22-Jul-09 20:16:10

What Cies said, as long as its correctly fitted you should be ok.

Southwestwhippet Wed 22-Jul-09 20:21:56


Thanks MN

KatyS36 Thu 23-Jul-09 11:29:34

Discussion on this topic with a number of people, especially of interest as F cup boobs.

Sister-in-law, who has fantastic (large)boobs after breastfeeding 3 children said she wore them, but was obcessive about ensuring they fitted correctly. Her phrase was 'if necessary accept it will be expensive and you might have to replace a great bra after 4 weeks'

Internet (generally) said yes there was a risk if the wires pressed into the breast tissue, but this could be avoided by well fiting bras.

Midwife said if was against current advice, but it was a long way from the worst thing I could do!

John Lewis and Debenhams said 'we need to get you out of those underwires' before proffering some horrid horrid contraptions that made me look like a matron.

Bravisimo explained the risks, explained how to avoid them by ensuring the wire fitted far enought back at the sides (so on ribs) and then proceeded to search out bras that when on fitted properly.


I'm wearing underwires until I want to stop

My boobs look fantastic

I will be doing all my bra shopping in Bravisimo

good luck!

GinaFordAteMyBaby Thu 23-Jul-09 11:44:05

I've worn underwire throughout both of my pregnancies and had no problems. Also eventually went back to them while breastfeeding, again with no problems.

MrsBadger Thu 23-Jul-09 12:06:37

fine for as long as they fit properly

which won;t be for long

NB it is well worth seeking out underwired feeding bras once your supply (and hence size) has settled down - nothing is so depressing to the postnatal silhouette as poorly-supported norks pointing either straight at the floor or in opposite directions. Once hoisted up and pointing the rigth way they do wonders at distracting from the inevitably (if temporarily) imperfect tum.

LizLemon Thu 23-Jul-09 12:28:07

I can recommend Anita maternity bras - they do an underwired one. The wire is made of more flexible material than normal underwires, and curves more towards the back under your armpit, giving you more room to spread as it were. Do get measured for them though - i was astonished at how much my already ample bosom had grown by three months in, but the difference the wire made to the support, not to mention the self esteem, was huge. The woman who fitted me did make sure I knew it was against current advice and that it was my choice, but I've been really happy with them. I got mine from Pretty Pregnant, but there aren't any on their website, and this website doesn't have many sizes sadly. (They do a nursing bra with a wire too.)

FlightofFancy Thu 23-Jul-09 13:19:19

Watch out for M&S though - some of their bra fitters are resolute on the 'no underwire' - I got a big lecture on the subject and was practically accused of harming my baby! OTOH, Debenhams were less concerned and happy as long as everything fitted right!

itsalwaysthequietones Thu 23-Jul-09 13:59:31

While we're on the subject, any recommendations for people with microscopic boobs like mine? At the moment, I'm in a padded underwired and thanks to pregnancy I'm actually filling it for once which is lovely but not looking forward to moving into the sensible, saggy versions for late pregnancy/breastfeeding. Does anyone know of companies that supply flattering maternity/feeding bras for the virtually flat-chested?

Tiaxx31 Thu 23-Jul-09 14:04:24

The Bra's i wear aren't underwired but they look like a sports bra in a way, sooooo comftable and they are called BRAVADOL
The body silk seamless nursing bra

MrsBadger Thu 23-Jul-09 14:11:27

quietones, you need the Anita bra that has the 'air cushion padding' or something

hang on

this one - google Anita 5049 for stockists etc but do get measured first

lal123 Thu 23-Jul-09 14:27:34

I've always worn underwired bras - but htought I'd do the right thing and try on some non underwired maternity ones - not on your life son!!! Horrible horrible things, so I've just gotten a couple of well fitting underwired ones. Funny thing is though with my last preg my boobs grew loads, with this one they don't seem to have - yet!

GinaFordAteMyBaby Thu 23-Jul-09 15:00:47

lal - I've had the same thing. My last pregnancy the first thing that happened was my boobs expoloded and just seemed to keep on going until they got to melon size when my milk came in. This time round I've maybe gone up one size and I'm due next week. Along with everyone else, My body seems a whole lot more blase about everything this time round, along with everyone else.

KirstyJC Thu 23-Jul-09 15:11:58

I wore underwired bras throughout both pregnancies - up to labour - and this time I have also been wearing the Anita underwired feeding bra too.

No problems with milk supply - BF for 11 months first time and still going strong at 8months this time.

If you have boobs like mine (G-H) then you NEED some scaffolding! (Especially if they're in the habit of pointing in different directionsgrin).

Just make sure the fit is good, and there's no problem.

itsalwaysthequietones Thu 23-Jul-09 15:14:02

Mrs Badger - brilliant, that sounds right up my street. Thanks!!

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