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Low lying anterior placenta, how careful do i need to be?

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fairywing Wed 22-Jul-09 19:39:04

Had my 20 weeks scan today and was told my placenta was quite low so am booked for another scan at 34 weeks to see if its moved. Midwife said not to have sex. I've had a read on here and a general google and it sounds like potentially this could be quite dangerous. I wasn't told to avoid heavy lifting or anything. I have horses and they can drag me around a little at the moment as we go through the grassy field - is it safe for me to handle them?? Exactly how cautious should i be at the moment??

bevlin Wed 22-Jul-09 20:08:59

Hi fairywing,
Have you had any bleeds? I had a low lying placenta first time but bled 3 or 4 times. I was told not to excercise at all including swimming and long walks. There are different degrees, major PP being the worst where it completely covers the cervix. You obviously don't have that because they'd have made a point of warning you. I didn't have that either. My placenta did move quite a bit from 20 weeks to 36 where they thought it had moved enough for natural birth but when I went into labour I started to bleed heavily so it was still covering slightly and I got a c-section. My DS was absolutely fine as was I. The point is, the placenta can move quite a bit and you haven't even had a bleed to this point so it might move right out the way. BUT...take the 'no exercising, 'no sex' rule seriously and get someone else to bring the horses in from the field, it's not worth taking the risk. If you suddenly started bleeding you'd feel bad because it is so scary. Placenta previa just means you have to take things very easily, some woman end up in hospital for complete bed rest if they have major placenta previa or alot of bleeding. There's every chance you won't get any problems, it's quite common. My placenta is Anterior low this time too but Im hopeful it will have moved by 20 week scan (im 16 weeks, no bleeds. Take it easy. x

plimple Wed 22-Jul-09 20:14:50

Argh! Wish I'd not read this. I didn't know there was a danger of bleeding.
At my 20 week scan I was told I had a low lying placenta and booked for another at 32 weeks and haven't worried too much. Nobody mentioned no sex to me or taking it easy. I have SPD so can't walk far and don't lift much apart from a 2 year old!
Luckily my 32 week scan is in a week and a half, I can ask more questions then. Hope it's moved though!

bevlin Wed 22-Jul-09 20:50:24

sorry plimple but as I said earlier, no bleeding at this point is a good thing. I bled from 12.5 weeks and still had a healthy baby. There's every chance it will have moved by now. 20% of pregnancy's have low lying placenta.....only 1% don't move out the way. x

plimple Wed 22-Jul-09 21:28:59

Phew! Panic over. grin

tracyea Wed 22-Jul-09 22:16:16

I had placenta previa last time. It was diagnosed at 20 week scan, the sonographer sounded quite casual as she said " no sex, no exercise". I wasn't overtly worried until I looked up more info. I saw my consultant at 27 weeks who said that even though I had not had a bleed, I needed to stop work. I had 4th degree ( the worst!!) so my cervix was completely covered. I started bleeding at 32 weeks and off to hospital I went and there I stayed. DS born at 37 weeks by CS just fine. All I'm saying is do take this seriously, hopefully it will move but if it doesn't, everything can still be fine.

bunnybunny Thu 30-Jul-09 12:43:43


I am 19wks 2days pregnant.
at my 18weeks3days ultrasound scan i was told i have low-lying placenta anteriorly. and it is grade-1 pregnancy.
my OB went for holidays and i was attended by her junior who straight away told me i could have C-Section. she told me not to have sex or even a walk rest as much as i can. i went to hospital alone this time, i was so tensed and i was out of my mind her words were so hurting.I asked her can the placenta gains its original position she said ''NO'' I asked her to give me report. I came home and searched over the internet,i read about my grade-1 low laying placenta that says 95% of them streaches away with the surface of the skin as the utrus grows. and there are manyyy chances one can have a vaginal delivery.
i was so shocked over the OB's junior's commnets i have decided to change my OB now.
she told i could only have C-Section because there is more money in C-section than vaginal birth.
I am taking care though. But i am less worried.
good luck to all..

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