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Best site to buy Phil & Teds Sport Double

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Freyfreysmum Wed 22-Jul-09 17:00:08

With as many accessories as poss? Want a reputable online store, and wondered where you thought was good.

PS Dont suggest ebay, we live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest one that has come up was 85 miles away.


helips Wed 22-Jul-09 17:11:42

Hi, I ordered my Phil & Teds vibe from John lewis with all the accessories. I'm sure you could get it cheaper elsewhere, however, it was free delivery and if anything goes wrong in the first 2 years they give you a replacement whilst it's being fixed. That sounded quite good to me, plus they are a reputable company!

blondiep14 Wed 22-Jul-09 17:51:23

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