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Have re-scan for low lying anterior placenta...

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usernametaken Wed 22-Jul-09 15:03:05

Next week I have a 34wk scan to check on the positioning of the placenta. At the 20wk scan it was found to be anterior and low lying (0.5 was the measurement), so close to the OS but not covering it.

Before the 20wk scan I had a feeling it would be low as I'd been walking like John Wayne for a while with the feeling of pressure.

Now at 33wks, the feeling of pressure is still there and even more so, though this could be because the baby is very head down already.

What are the chances that the placenta has been stretched upwards? What positioning does it need to be in to avoid a c-section? I haven't had any bleeding at all in the pregnancy so either the placenta has remained in the same position or has pulled up a bit.

Any experiences please! Many thanks.

TheOldestCat Wed 22-Jul-09 15:06:09

Same experience here at the 20wk scan - but, as I believe happens in most cases, at the 34wk scan the placenta had 'moved'.

It's hugely likely that as your uterus has grown the placenta has 'moved' with it. And if not I'm sure they will talk you through the options at the scan.

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