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Derby City Maternity Dept

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Pinkcaz Wed 22-Jul-09 09:50:35

Good Morning all

I just wondered if anyone here has been / or is going to the new Derby City maternity unit?

I am moving back to Derbyshire for my little arrival and haven't visted there yet and wondered what it was like.

Thanks in advance

x x x

CarriePooter Wed 22-Jul-09 10:07:13

My SIL went there and a friend of mine. It is very new and shiney. My friend says it is like a hotel. My SIL had problems, probably due to retained placenta, that led to serious blood loss and a hysterectomy but there is no way of knowing if that was just chance or if it was due to her 3rd stage being mismanaged. I went there for my scans and I was going to go to Darley Birth Centre or have a home birth. Darley is lovely, they have 3 labour rooms and 6 post natal beds and you stand a good chance of getting your own room. I ended up in Chesterfield Royal as it is linked to Darley and I needed an emcs. Chesterfield was lovely but not modern like Derby. I have been to Notts City and QMC and Chesterfield was far nicer. A good thing about Derby was the parking as there was always loads but more departments are opening up so it might get worse. The Dads visiting is practically all day which is what put me off. My SIL was exhausted by the noise of other peoples visitors from 8am. They do have quite a lot of private rooms and you can pay to get one if there are any available.

Pinkcaz Wed 22-Jul-09 10:50:22

Thanks CarriePooter

I really appriciate that This is my first and must admit rather nervous about it all - as i'm sure everyone else is hehe

x x x

CarriePooter Thu 23-Jul-09 17:33:28

Forgot to say you can transfer to Darley postnatally if you deliver somewhere else. I know some people who have done this because it can be more peaceful than a busy ward and they felt they would get more help with feeding etc. Chesterfield has a dedicated breastfeeding mw plus 2 paid people from what used to be a volunatry bf support group and I think they are all full time.

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