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Isn't it very very annoying when you think you might be but it's still too early to test.

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Buddleja Tue 21-Jul-09 23:16:43

I mean really isn't it

Got very drunk DTD no precautions woke up the next morning and thought "uh oh" not really a good time of the month to do that.

Been racking brains for the last week trying to recall if it's normal for me to get "streching" pains before my period I don't thick it is

Add to that I can't remember when it's normal to get morning sickness as i've been throwing up for the last 5 days

How the HELL am I going to wait till Sunday to know if AF is going to vist



wishx Wed 22-Jul-09 00:47:24

i totaly sympathise :D im on the implant but it feels broken, ive MC on it before but was too scared to do anythin and i chose to ignore it (stupid i know) this time i havnt come on for over 2 months, ive been sick, bloated, peeing loads, gone off tea and coffee, cant stand the feel of fabric on the back of my arms :S, feeling like werid pains and flutters in my stomach, sleeping all night and all day and soo much more. however, on the implant hormorn levels are too low to do a pregnacy test or blood test, trust me ive tried. and all doctors think im crazy due to implant, when actually if u reasearch so many girls have fallen pregnant on it :@ grr why cant they listen lol! anyway bookin a doctors appointment and demanding an untrasound lol! this wait has gone on well too long and im going crazy! lol i have so many parties and stuff around this time and i keep thinking "do i drink? yes or no?" if i do i will feel guilty is i am pregnant and if i dont and im not pregnant its just a waist! arrgghh! lol x this week will be the longest week of ur life i promise you lol ps. please let me know how u get on x

Buddleja Wed 22-Jul-09 09:54:12

Wow wishx that's tough going for you - don't leave the doctors till you get that ultrasound

Roll in sunday for me!!

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