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chicken pox....

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sonsmum Tue 21-Jul-09 19:56:05

i had to collect ds from nursery today who had developed chicken pox. He is now not contagious however he has been contagious, and i am his mum so have had close contact with him.
I am 7 weeks pregnant and have not had chicken pox before. I called the doctor, who was to call me back and didn't,so wondering if any knowlegable lady has any advice to offer.
Basically do I just have to wait out the 21 days incubation period and hope i don't erupt in spots?
Is there anything I can do? I am suspecting not.
I am not worried about myself but obviously worried about my little bean.

MrsHappy Tue 21-Jul-09 20:01:01

I'm not sure there is anything you can do until you get ill, but if you do feel poorly I believe your GP can give you anti-virals to reduce the strength of the infection. I would also ask to see a foetal medicine consultant to check that the baby is ok. Certainly this is what my friend demanded (and got) when she had chickenpox at roughly the same gestation.

Hope you don't get it though!

TOK Tue 21-Jul-09 20:20:07

Hi, I was exposed to chicken pox during my first pg. You need to phone the midwife to arrange a blood test to see if you have immunity or not. They will be able to give you more advice when the results come through.Good luck!

Mummywannabe Tue 21-Jul-09 20:37:04

agree with tok, i was exposed to chicken pox when i was pregnant and have never had it (or so i thought) had blood test and showed i had antibodies to it so was fine. Guess in my case had been around it so much (nursery nurse) i had developed some immunity or had it and not realised.

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