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How long do I have to wait after an MMR vaccine before getting pregnant?

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JustShaggy Tue 21-Jul-09 16:55:24

Had a MMC in early June and was tested for rubella immunity shortly aftwards. I found out I did not have immunity and today I had an MMR vaccine.

I have been told to wait 3 months before falling pregnant by both my GP and the nurse, but I've seen a lot of info on other sites, including NHS site, saying 1 month. link to NHS info. Also this- downloads a PDF, see page 353

Can anyone clear up the conflicting info for me. Waiting 3 months is obviously not great news for me. I'm 38 and it will mean I achieved one pregnancy this whole year (if I fall pregnant again soon after three mths). I'm also getting a little weary of constantly being given conflicting info!

However, nor do I want to do anything to harm my child.

Den26 Mon 27-Jul-09 22:54:15

Hi JustShaggy, sorry my reply will not be much help but thought id offer my support as the same thing happened to me earlier this month. I had a MMC 3 weeks ago, prior to this they found i was susceptible to rubella.

After the MMC i was advised to have the MMR vaccine although advised not to fall pregnant for 3 months. All of the research i have done tells me 1 month/28days. I have looked up medical journals, the BNF, NHS information, medical info from USA, info from immunisation organisations, the health protection agency etc etc etc....who all say 1 month.

Now i'm confused as i want to get pregnant again ASAP but don't want to harm any future baby.

I wish you all the luck in the world for a future pregnancy at this very difficult time.

Den26 Wed 29-Jul-09 20:37:36

Hi Justshaggy, not sure if you have heard anything regarding your concern above but i received the advice below which may be of help.

"The reason for the conflicting advice is that there are two MMR vaccines in the UK (I don't know about different countries I'm afraid) and one gives a more cautious waiting period than the other. It used to be 3 months for all but more recent research suggests that with either - one month is probably sufficient. However the manufacturer of one (the first one I've linked to below) still recommends 3 months.

ask your GP which vaccine they stock and if it is the priorix (which I think is less common) then you could remind them that the waiting period for that one is now less).

MMRVAXPRO (made by sanofi-pasteur)

Priorix (made by GSK)

Hope this is of help.

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