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sometimes, and just sometimmmes, you wamt to respest the lovely gir;, she isuszy

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Catterick Sat 21-May-05 02:16:39

i bet i meet yoy

busyalexsmummy Sat 21-May-05 11:40:12

Too many glasses of wine methinks

suzywong Sat 21-May-05 11:41:46

I bet you do too

bonym Sat 21-May-05 11:51:26

- I bet someone's got a sore head this morning...

bubbles2904 Sat 21-May-05 12:03:21

LOL, glad it's not just me that this makes no sense to.

lockets Sat 21-May-05 13:10:31

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 21-May-05 13:12:03

I think it's an slightly drunken ode to suzy.

Tessiebear Sat 21-May-05 13:15:17

Is this poster "Someone" fishy in disguise???

AnotherHelen Sat 21-May-05 13:41:51

LOL!!! - someones had a good time!!

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