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So I'm a bit worried.........reassure me please!

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Bernadiva Mon 20-Jul-09 21:56:48

I'm 14w +4d pregnant with my 3rd child. Sunday morning I had a little 'leak' which was def NOT urine. It was enough to soak through my jeans (not a huge amount though). It hasn't happened since so I'm thinking vaginal discharge? Anywhoo.....Sunday afternoon I started getting stomach cramps, not regular but quite sore. Monday daytime I had them again, also in my back. Def not as strong as labour pains but they did make me stop what I was doing. I went to the doctors Monday evening to suggested a possible UTI, prescribed ab's and took a urine sample for testing. He also said if the pain got worse or I started bleeding to go straight to the hospital. Monday night I had about 1 1/2 hours of what I can only describe as contractions, but I could feel the baby flipping around quite regularly. Sooooo......what does everyone think? Threatened miscarriage or UTI? Or worry wart pregnant woman blush. I feel fine now. (Plus I am in NZ so it's Tues morning here) Thanks in advance

anniebigpants Mon 20-Jul-09 23:17:38

I would contact midwife and see what she suggests. Think if it was me would want to get checked out, as what you describe isnt 'normal' at this stage.

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