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just found out I am pregnant! so scared!!!!

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lizzie9442 Mon 20-Jul-09 18:00:10

Hi everyone, I have just found out I am pregnant again. I am not even due on yet for 2 days but used first response. My last 3 pregnancies have ended in mc so I am really worried it will happen again. I have a 6 year old boy, a 3 year old boy and a 18 month old girl. I also suffered a mc a few years ago. I don't want to tell anyone that I am pregnant as we were going to wait until we tried again. I don't think my huisband would take it very well because of what we have been through recently so I don't even want to tell him at the moment. So i have no one to share my news with thats why I have come on here as need to talk to someone. I am really happy to be pregnant again as we have always wanted four children. I am just praying for it to be ok.

Thankyou for listening xxxx

FabBakerGirlIsBack Mon 20-Jul-09 18:02:51


Please tell your husband.

Miscarriages are truly heartbreaking but you have 3 children so know your body can do it and there is no reason to think you won't be cuddling your new baby in a few months time.

You don't need to tell anyone other than your DH. Just take each day as it comes and try and relax.

shyla01 Mon 20-Jul-09 18:04:46

hi lizzie.

i am in the same position.

i'm only about 4wks. and i have had 3 mc.

feel free to hold my hand!


Boodlerpoop Mon 20-Jul-09 18:22:07

Congrats Lizie, I hope all goes well for you

lizzie9442 Mon 20-Jul-09 23:40:18

thankyou for all your messages, I don't think I will tell hubbie yet though can't face his reaction at mo. It will just have to be my little secreat for now and I will just have to talk on here when I can. How is everyone else?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Tue 21-Jul-09 08:07:28

I know it is your decision but I can't help feeling he will be hurt when you do tell him, that you kept it from him.

barbie1 Tue 21-Jul-09 08:17:32

Hi lizzie firstly congratulations smile i have only had one mc last sept and am currently 9 weeks plus a few days....its been the most nervous few months but im getting there!
As for your husband only you can decide, however most men wont even notce until a few weeks you might just get away with it! on the other hand you might be grateful for his support at such a sensitive of luck

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