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When to go to hospital?

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Boodlerpoop Mon 20-Jul-09 17:14:46

Hey everyone
Posted this on childbirth too, sorry for the double post...

Just a quick question, got my show this morning bout 5 am and contractions started soon after. Was supposed to get membrane sweep today and checkup as am 40 + 3. Seen consultant this morning (had 9am appointment so thought I may as well attend)she did an internal, said I wasn't dialted but definetly on my way (finally, woo ) Got home round 10 and have been having regular contractions, ten minutes apart since then. Not very strong ones tho, went for a nap and found I could doze through them. Consultant said to come in whenever I felt ready....But have always been told by midwives to come in when contractions are 10 minutes apart....Quite comfortable at home for now, and live literally 5 mins from hospital....just confused as to when I should go. Any advice?

Sorry for rambling, is my first pregnancy and am a bit nervous

Horton Mon 20-Jul-09 17:23:23

I was told to go in when contractions were five minutes apart and lasting a minute. If I'd waited that long, I'd have had my child in the car. I'd say go in when you need pain relief or when you feel like you need to for any other reason. If you can doze through contractions, you're probably fine to stay at home for a bit. Have something to eat if you can - it could be a long afternoon and evening! And congratulations! How exciting!

Boodlerpoop Mon 20-Jul-09 17:32:21

Thanks Horton

Horton Mon 20-Jul-09 22:31:56

How's it going?!

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