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totally confused about amniotic fluid levels.

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olivo Mon 20-Jul-09 15:42:09

wondering if anyone can explain about amniotic fluid levels. at 28 weeks, i was diagnosed with polyhydramnios,prob caused by gest diabetes. I have had regular monitoring where the levels have been consisitently high, and been told to expect an ear;y labour as my uterus just wont hold it. had sterioids last week in readiness. just back from a scan now at 34 wks where she says my levels are normal/average (12?)

I dont understand how they can have gone down by more than half in 10 days when i feel and look bigger than ever! the baby is followng a normal, albeit, large, growth curve.

can anyone explain? i want to be pleased the levels have come down but am doubting how!

Owlingate Mon 20-Jul-09 17:57:04

Something similar happened to me - at 24/28 weeks(can't remember which) my amniotic fluid levels off the charts, normal by 32 weeks!

I had GTT etc. - no cause was found. Was told baby was big etc. I always suspected the first sonographer (student but supervised) had measured wrong, but equally I may have produced extra amniotic fluid and then not needed to produce any more for a while - do you see what I mean ? The average growth for amniotic fluid goes on a certain curve so your curve may just have shot up earlier - you haven't actually lost any fluid.

HTH - v pleased for you.

olivo Tue 21-Jul-09 17:04:14

thanks owlingate. this one was a different sonographer to the other times. maybe it's cos my blood sugars are bacck in control with gest diabetes.
your experience is reassuring, i will be pleased!!

bexaa Sun 26-Jul-09 21:01:53

Message withdrawn

olivo Mon 27-Jul-09 08:22:00

hi bexxa,it does sound very similar - i have another scan this week at 36 too. my deepest pools have been 10.5 and then 12.2, then suddenly only 5! I have been measuring around 5 wks ahead since 28 weeks, that's how it was picked up. i still look massive and am really struggling with my size, with clothes, driving, sitting down, even though the fluid has gone down.

hope your levels stay down and you get your HB. good luck!

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