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Hospital staff..they could organise a P*** up in a Brewery

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Bump02 Mon 20-Jul-09 13:21:31

Sorry I need to rant!!!

I am 18 weeks pg and over the last couple of weeks I've had, on and off, some spotting. I didn't seem concerned as I've read it's normal, but my partner and I last night decided come morning I should call the midwife. SO, I did that, she was great and told me to call hospial and get it investigated.

I called antenatal who said I wasn't far gone enough in pg to see them and would refer me to emergency Gynae...they did, Gynae called me, took some details and said they will speak to the doctor and call me straight back....That was 9.50am this morning!! DP was worried so he has come home, I feel sick and am sat by the phone!! So we thought enough of this I'll call the hospital (I wouldn't usually but I was getting worried as midwife had said call hospital and get checked) Well I phoned them, and guess what? They hadn't heard of me....what a bunch of *&%"^$(£!

I now have an appointment for 2pm, but won't be scanned, the doc may have a feel but that's about it (that's quoting the receptionist)...oh he must be one of those doctors that has x-ray bloody vision I thought!!!

I am glad I had that rant!! I know how hard nurses work, I am in the proffession myself, but it is pretty poor practice to leave a pg woman worrying...I am sure there is nothing wrong, but won't be able to relax until I know for sure!!!

Bump02 Mon 20-Jul-09 13:22:23

This title should say "couldn't" oops!!

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory Mon 20-Jul-09 13:57:26

I know, the care is so hit and miss... There are some wonderful staff/hospitals and some complete muppets.

I had similar to what you're describing. Spotting at 19 weeks. It turned out to be nothing but they said I was right to get it checked as there are risks at this stage of the pregnancy from things like placenta praevia. This can be detected by a scan. Presumably you haven't had your 20 week scan yet so don't know where the placenta is.

The first Dr I saw (had to go via A&E) was on the verge of doing a speculum examination when his boss pointed out that this was contraindicated as there was a chance of me having placenta praevia and that examining me could potentially exacerbate it.... So, be warned....

Good Luck, I'm sure it is nothing, but yes I know how frustrating and worrying it is.

Bump02 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:01:25


Well I've just got back from a ridiculous gynae appointment!!

Saw a Dr who just took notes, prodded my stomach, said she didn't know what was wrong and told me to sit in the waiting room. A few minutes later I was called back in and she listened to baby heartbeat and that was fine and told me to basically go home. She didn't even mention having a scan!! I was upset and started to cry,and she even asked me "whay are you upset"?....I felt like shouting "Isn't it "$%%^$£@' obvious!!! (I wouldn't mind but she was pregnant too so if anyone understood she should)

Am now back home and about to start letter of complaint to hospital (midwife has just told me to) I am still worried about placenta problem, but will sit tight...if I bleed again I'll just chain myself to the railings at the hospital until I'm taken seriously smile

Bump02 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:03:22

I am so rubbish i'll start that again "MustHaveaVeryShortMemory...that should have said Thanks" smile

lal123 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:11:39

bump02 - I know this must be a worrying time for you - but I guess from their point of view you had this spotting on and off for a couple of weeks - its not something thats suddenly come on, you'll be getting your anomaly scan soon anyway, if it is a placenta problem I don't think that there's much they can do ?(I might be very wrong on that one!!).

I think I would be reassured that they didn't see it as important enough to rush you for a scan.

Don't mean for the above to sound harsh - I've had 2 mcs so know how worrying bleeding is

Bump02 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:21:58

Thanks lal123 I know you mean well smile I think I am more pissed off at the poor practice, I am just exhausted through worrying DP is being great, and I'm being couch potato for the rest of the afternoon. I have got next scan 19th August...which at the moment seems a life time away, but fingers crossed all will be good!

Sorry to hear of your losses too xx

lal123 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:43:38

19th must seem like a lifetime away! I'm now 26+1, the worry won't go away until I've got my wee baby in my arms!

If the bleeding changes/gets heavier etc get straight back in touch with hspital - or go to A&E . hope everything goes ok xx

Bump02 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:56:42

Congratulations lal123, I know what you mean though! When I was pg with my son (8 years ago) I was fine, took it all in my stride...this time I am just full of fear and paranoia !

Will give myself a good talking too smile

Good luck with the rest of Pregnancy...not long and you'll be cuddling your little bubba xx

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