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Is anybody else 20 weeks or around pregnant?

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Tiaxx31 Mon 20-Jul-09 09:57:59

I am 20 weeks pg on sat just gone. Just wondering if anyone else is due around same day as me. They say i'm due 4th Dec, give or take a week. My bump is huge,lol. How is everyone feeling. I have been put through a tough time, hope things will look up now. I have recently had a really bad back for 2 weeks then i started with pain in the stomach only to start bleeding(brown) and had a emergency scan to find out i have fybroids x2 so far, my god i thought all sorts as i was in constant real agony. They gave me paracetomol, well that didn't do anything, so they gave me antibiotics. That didn't help so they gave me stronger pain killers and a 5 day course of antibiotics again(different) to the ones before as they said on my swob it had a bug in it. The pain is only just starting to fade now as this all happenend the weekend before last but was suffering with pain 3 day's before i said anything to anyone. Now i think i have thrush in the mouth as my tongue is all sore so i'mm off to the doctor today. Has anybody else been put to the test with problems x

tink08 Mon 20-Jul-09 10:06:42

Hi Tiaxx31
I'm 22 weeks 2moro not really had that many problems lately but i was admitted via ambulance at 16 weeks for seriously high blood pressure and protein but it came down within 24 hours thanks goodness ( i had pre eclampsia with dd1 )
and i have serious back problems and been off work since about 11 weeks coz i can't walk or stand for much longer than half hour.
I've also had 2 nasty mc's in between dd1 aqnd this pregnancy so the first 12/14 weeks was like waiting to be hung ! smile
I seem to be doing ok now although my consultant wont give me an elective c section and baby wont show us what sex grin
oh and i'm totally fed up already and dd1 is on her summer break too !
I'm due nov 24th ish , would be nice to make a group and keep in touch with each others progress and symptoms x

idunnop Mon 20-Jul-09 10:08:21

Try the December ante-natal club thread

Congratulations smile

Tiaxx31 Mon 20-Jul-09 10:11:35

Hope all goes well for you Tink08, i had my 20 week scan of friday and we saw what sex the little monkey is, we are having a boy as we saw it's little tinker,lol
Yeah it would be great to all keep in touch x

blommetjie Mon 20-Jul-09 10:18:58

I am! due on the 2nd of december.I have also had really bad back pains, not very nice and problems sleeping.Lots of pains in my tummy, well they are supposed to be the baby growing, so the tummy stretching, but it feels a bit like period pains! I am going for a scan soon, so looking forward to that. Bit worried about all this info going around on swine flu, not really sure whether or not to stay at home (work in a school).

Hope you feel better soon...atleast the scan is clear, that is very good news!


Tiaxx31 Mon 20-Jul-09 10:46:19

Oh yes i know what you mean, everything on t.v is saying about toddlers and pg women are the worst at risk, it is very scary as none of us want things going wrong. I hope you everything goes ok at your scan, are you going to find out the sex? or leave it a surprise, they woulsn't tell us here as they said they are not allowed due to parents being told the sex of their baby and it was wrong. So we had to figure it out for ourselves. Good Luck xx

vixiemummy Mon 20-Jul-09 11:43:43

Im also due on the 2nd of December so nearly 21 weeks, and i know what you mean about the period like pains and back ache, my back ache isnt too bad but its there on and off, i had my 20 week scan last week but i didnt want to find out the sex, im also worried about the swine flu thing and am paranoid every time i get a slight cough or sore throat!

mosschops30 Mon 20-Jul-09 11:47:10

Tiaxx you are not alone.

This is my 3rd and last pregnancy, and its be very hard. I was sick from about 6 weeks which I didnt have with dd or ds, my iron levels are very low and I have the most crippling tiredness which has left me pretty much housebound for 3 weeks now and signed off work for the foreseeable future. Apparently also have a sensitive uterus, which mw told me if I dont rest will end up contracting from about 28 weeks sad
Anyway all I need now is a good dose of swine flu and I will be finished off for good hmm

blommetjie Mon 20-Jul-09 11:47:27

Did you figure it out? i wouldn't know what to look for!!we will ask if they can tell us, but in some ways i don't want to as if they can't tell me i will be annoyed! we didn't find out the last time, it was a surprise, which was really nice. so we have a little 19month old girl. my husband really wants another girl, he seems to be terrified of the idea of having a boy!!

the best advice on the SF is to carry on as normal, but wash hands etc. i am going to make a concerted effort not to listen to the news(too much)

this is quite nice just chatting....although i should be working!! blush

Tiaxx31 Mon 20-Jul-09 14:40:45

Yes we had to figure it out for ourselves and i was worried i wouldn't be able to see but you couldn't miss it. If it is a boy you can see his winky without no problem. Good Luck when you have your scan. I have a boy already but my partner has 2 girls & 1 boy already. I wasn't sure what i was haivng when i was buying a few bits so i got lovely baby girl stuff as well as blue and unisex stuff. Oh well i knew it had to be one or the other,lol

BexJ78 Mon 20-Jul-09 14:49:31

hello there. i am due 5 Dec, just been for 20 week scan this morning. hope things are ok for you, sounds like you are having a poop time - really sorry about that. things for me have been very good so far, apart from a bit of back ache and starting to get the lovely groin stretching pain, but apart from that have been very lucky. hope everything sorts itself out for you.
i also should be working!!! oh dear!

blommetjie Tue 21-Jul-09 09:25:12

All ok at the scan bexj78? could they tell you the sex or are you keeping it a surprise? we are going for our scan tomorrow, it has been a long wait!

hope all well with everyone else!

scratchet Tue 21-Jul-09 09:37:33

Hi ladies,

I am due on the 26th nov and its a boy! I already have a ds and a dd.

Is anyone else still being sick? i have had hyperemesis from week 7, it had eased about 3 weeks ago but seems to be back this morning.

Congratulations to all x

Luxmum Tue 21-Jul-09 09:43:04

Hi, I am due the 7th Dec, but what with looking after DS 1 and 2, I have actually forgotten what pregnancy week that leaves me..I think around 19 or 20?? How crap am I?
With DS 1, I knew by the DAY what was happening - how he was developing, what to look for etc, now, I am pleased if I remember if I am 4 or 5 months pregnant. I had a scan about 2 weeks ago, and we couldnt see a winkle, so we're really hoping for a girl. I'm ok myself except for nagging groin aches, I assume it's my ligaments stretching, but it's literally a pain in the hole at the moment..Other than that, my hair and skin are FAB, my bump is nice and compact, so I am actually breaking with tradition, and putting on skirts, high heels and slinky dresses. DH thinks there is a new man in the office, instead of me just LOVING the look of my final, last bump. smile

SPANIEL Tue 21-Jul-09 10:15:48


I'm 21 weeks today and have had 2 colleagues come to work with swine flu symptoms in the last few weeks so have demanded my own hand gel but doubt it'll make much difference. I had my scan last week and was told that they thought they could see a little scrotum! Hubbie delighted but DD 3 not happy that the hospital had run out of girls. Think i'm suffering from sciatica and have had a lot more ligament pains than last time. Can't pick up or push DD in pushchair which has been useful as wanted to get her out of it. Not sure if i've got thrush or not as fine for few days then seem to get a lot of discharge which makes pubes itch like mad but not like thrush. Spose i should go to docs but feel embarassed which is silly considering i'll be going through childbirth soon!

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