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ukbirdie Sun 19-Jul-09 18:10:20

hi ladies,in may i had a sterilisation reversal,i am 39 years old,my period was due around 6th july on the 10th july i started spotting very lightly it was a brownish colour,i thought it was the start of my period as i had previously done 3 pregnancy tests and they came back negative,the spotting went on for 3 days then last monday i began to spot red blood and not long after i lost a bright red type of clot but after that the bleeding was still red but not heavy and no pain,something told me to do a pregnancy test ehich i did and it showed a dark line and a faint line underneath,i phoned my doctor who sent me up to the a & e to be checked out,i was told that my cervex was closed and i had to return there on tuesday morning for a hcg blood test,aster having it done i received a call saying that the levels were low and wanted to repeat in 2 days time,i returned on thursday and had them repeated and later that day i received a call saying that they had rise by 41% and a normal pregnancies would have rise 60%.i had a scan and a internal scan which i was told they saw a little shadow in my womb which could be fluid but was too early to tell,she also said that there wasnt no fluid in my ovaries or pelvic area which was a good sign.the bleeding stopped on thursday.i did a pregnancy test today which would be 6 days after passing the clot and i still get a dark line and a faint line on the test stick.they estimated me around 6 weeks but thats impossible as its only been 42 days since i started my last period and then after that the time to conceive which they say around 14 days after,they just say to me it could be one of 3 things,a miscarriage,a eptopic pregnancy or i am still pregnant.some help arnt they,i have to wait until monday afternoon for my next results,i thought maybe it could be twins and i lost one as there are 4 sets of twins in our family,any ladies with similar storied i would love some advice thanks for reading god bless x x

MrsHappy Sun 19-Jul-09 18:35:59

Hi UKbirdie

I am sorry you are going through this - it is shit, I know.

I had a similar experience to you - a late period (after negative pregnancy tests), bleeding and then a positive pregnancy test. In my case the pregnancy was ectopic but that does not mean that is what is happening to you.

Re the 6 weeks, hospitals date pregnancies by reference to when your last period started. 42 days = 6 weeks.

To be honest the only way to figure out what is going on is to have the repeated blood tests and scans. They will get to the bottom of it I am sure, but unfortunately the way they figure these things out is to just keep doing tests. It is a rubbish rollercoaster to be on, and I hope it works out for you. Take care.

xfingerscrossedx Sun 19-Jul-09 22:04:19

Hi ukbirdie,

I had an ectopic in Feb 2008, but my symptoms were totally different to what you are describing. I had one incident of very light spotting and one evening of excruciating pain very low in my groin. Didn't know I was pregnant at this stage. When I got my BFP I contacted Drs and they booked me in for an early scan. Three days before this I started to bleed, very dark, almost black blood and had period-type pains. Ectopic showed up on ultrasound, lots of blood inside as my tube was rupturing. However, I do feel extremely lucky that this was picked up and I was operated on straight away.

I am now 11 weeks pregnant and keeping everything crossed that things go well this time. I'm now keeping everything crossed for you too! If it does turn out to be an ectopic pregnancy everything is not lost! It's very scary, but it can be treated succesfully. If you are really worried, or start to feel unwell contact Dr or A&E asap. The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website is really useful for information!

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