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Overdue and fed up...anyone else???

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luthe Sun 19-Jul-09 11:42:45

Thought id start this ti see if there was any others out there overdue and fed up! share your stories!!!

Im 41+4 Days Overdue, had 2 sweeps baby is not engaged im 2cm dilated and 1cm long! And have had no twinges, show or anything! I ve had tried everything (well feels like) been walking, swimming, bouncing on ball, pineapple, nothing seems to work!

Im getting very fed up and am due to be induced on Wed which is good because at least i can see an ending, but would really like the baby to be born naturally!

Post your stories...

Klaw Sun 19-Jul-09 11:52:58

Refused to be induced, had baby at 42+1 (scan) edd.

Many women have longer gestations, if all is well with baby and you you may consider waiting (yes I know the waiting is hard!)

shiney01 Mon 20-Jul-09 16:11:55

I'm 40+4 and feeling fed up and stressed out by the hospital. The doctors are trying to push me down the induction route because of my maternal age (even though I've had no problems at all during pregnancy) and the midwives are encouraging me to wait but everyone is giving me conflicting opinions and it's driving me crazy!

I've absolutely no signs of labour despite trying everything everyone else is trying and at the last 2 sweeps the midwife couldn't get into my cervix ... v depressing.

So ... I feel at a loose end and don't know what to do with myself. Don't want to go too far from home but am getting bored doing nothing much.

It does help to hear other peoples experiences too.

gingertoo Mon 20-Jul-09 16:16:33

I went in to be induced with dc2 at 42 +1. When they checked me I was already 3cm dilated and hadn't had a twinge! They broke my waters and he was born 48mins later!
So, there's time yet....
Good luck

SheWillBeLoved Mon 20-Jul-09 16:21:18

40+2 today, only 2 days overdue and already sick of the constant calls and texts asking "any signs yet?!" angry

Booked in for a sweep which I don't really want to take at next midwife appointment on Wednesday if I still haven't popped. Keep getting period type pains but then they just fade off and I'm back to nothing

Boodlerpoop Mon 20-Jul-09 16:47:15

Had periody pains the last few days and finally got show today....contractions started a few hours ago
Am 40+3 now

Gromit78 Tue 21-Jul-09 17:22:03

Does anyone feel the extra weight bearing on their legs now? i am 40+5 and my legs are really tired and weary carrying this extra weight about. Actually my whole body is feeling weary and I wonder whether I will have the strength to give birth if the weight of my bump continues to grow.

WeeBloz Fri 04-Sep-09 19:26:02

Hello Ladies

My first post. I am 40 weeks + 2 and thought things were happening yesterday. I started getting contractions at about 1730, every 10 mins and these progressed to about every 3 mins lasting 40 secs at 0530 this morning. We're planning a home birth so I rang the midwife when we got to about 3 mins and she was great. Told her I could cope (was hooked up to the TENS) and would ring back when we got to them lasting 50 secs... Then they just stopped! WTF?? I am so disappointed, not to mention exhausted.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm trying to stay positive but feel pretty low at the moment :-(

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