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Anyone tried Pregnancy Yoga @ YogaBase (Islington)?

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franch Fri 20-May-05 13:43:47

Would you recommend it?

(I did pg yoga at the ABC last time round - now need somewhere with 'drop-in' evening classes closer to home. SequinPark only do a daytime one and YogaTherapy is less convenient - also it looks like you have to sign up for 6 weeks as opposed to dropping in.)


Kiwifruit Fri 20-May-05 17:18:27

Don't know, but I'm interested to hear too, so BUMP!!

franch Fri 20-May-05 19:33:27

goldenoldie Sat 21-May-05 07:18:50

I fancy trying this too. How many weeks are you?

suzywong Sat 21-May-05 07:27:19

I know what you mean about needing drop-in classes

I did ABC first time but was so knackered by the evening for second PG that the ABC course ended up being very expensive.

Yoga is great in the third trimester isn't it?

franch Sat 21-May-05 08:33:18

I'm 26 weeks, goldenoldie, how many are you? Maybe we can meet up there Started yoga at 15 weeks last time - ha, those were the days

Think I might give it a go this Monday. Although yes, suzywong, it's not going to be easy to muster the energy to even leave the house in the evening!

hoxtonchick Sat 21-May-05 08:34:46

i did read that starting yoga in pregnancy isn't the best idea as you're more stretchy than normal so it's easier to do a bit of damage. but if you did it last time you'll probably be ok. i think i just liked the advice as it took into account my essential laziness!

hoxtonchick Sat 21-May-05 08:35:25

ps my gym, sunstone in stoke newington, does specific pre & post natal stuff. haven't been to any of those either... will shut up now.

franch Sat 21-May-05 08:44:10

Pg yoga is v gentle and specifically designed to be suitable for beginners. A lot of it is about the mental/relaxation side of yoga and geared towards useful labour positions, pelvic floor, etc etc. So don't worry Stokey a bit far for me to drag myself out to in the evenings - I need to give myself no opportunity for excuses

hoxtonchick Sat 21-May-05 08:46:26

damn, there goes my excuse! still, at nearly 33 weeks i really can't be arsed..... hope you enjoy it.

franch Sat 21-May-05 08:52:12


Katts Sat 21-May-05 09:18:53

Franch, I go to yoga base on Monday nights and yoga therapy on Wednesdays. Yoga base prefer you to book a block of 5 or 6 classes at once but the teacher is quite flexible and will let you try one class out to see if you like it first. She will also sometimes let you pay on a class by class basis if you know you're going to be away during your block.

Yoga therapy seem much more flexible and you can just drop in and pay for one class or pay for a block (which don't have to be consecutive if you know which weeks you'll miss) Yogatherapy also do separate classes for women below 30 weeks and for women over 30 weeks. On wednesdays the under 30 weeks class is at 7:30. 6:15 for over 30 weeks.

Now IMO there is a huge difference in the two classes. The Yogabase class is a bit more new age but not over the top. She usually has incense burning, there's lots of ommmmmmming and things like imagining a golden ball of light around you. Also the class is very friendly and chatty. But there's not a lot of discussion of birth positions or explanation of what the exercises are doing.

The Yogatherapy class is a lot different. It doesn't feel so New Age (to me) but the teacher really explains what the different exercises are about. For example, how they help make room for your baby, how they will help open your pelvis, strengthen your pelvic floor etc. She seems to know a lot about pregnancy and childbirth and makes the whole experience feel very positive and special. The teacher is actually the founder of birthlight. (website at The class maybe isn't as chatty as the Yogabase one, but that could have been just my first impression.

If you had to choose between the two, I would go to Yogatherapy because the teacher really is something special. (Not that the yogabase teacher isn't) I think I just connect more with the Yogatherapy one. I'm going to try to keep going to both though.

Hope that helps, if you need anymore info CAT me.

goldenoldie Sat 21-May-05 10:33:54

Hi Franch - I'm 12 weeks with twins - way behind you, but I've already got a bump! Would love to meet up with you at Yoga. What day/time are you thinking of?

franch Sat 21-May-05 19:37:47

That's really helpful Katts. The main advantage of Yogabase over Yogatherapy for me is location - otherwise I'd definitely go for the latter based on your description. As I'll be 30 weeks in about a month's time, I'd have to get to the 6.15 class and don't think DH will ever be home early enough to take over with DD and allow me to escape for that.

The Yogabase site says "The antenatal class runs on a drop-in basis (£10 per class)" - is this not right?

goldenoldie, Have a look at the Yogabase website re. when you should start - according to them you should maybe leave it a week or two? I think I might give it a go on Monday but suspect Thursdays might end up being a more regular option for me.

If it's not drop-in, though, I'm not sure I can do it at all really. DH's hours are just too unpredictable - as is life with a 16mo DD!

franch Sat 21-May-05 19:41:27

hoxtonchick, the Yogabase site also says "If you have never done yoga before and have already reached 32 weeks, it is not advisable to start at such a late stage." So you're off the hook

hoxtonchick Sat 21-May-05 19:42:17


franch Sat 21-May-05 19:46:22

Katts Sat 21-May-05 23:14:34

Franch, yes, I 'm sure Yogabase let you come on a drop in basis. The Monday night teacher was only trying to "encourage" people to sign up for a 5 week block.

At any rate it would be great to meet you if you make it on a Monday!

franch Sun 22-May-05 10:06:04

Aha, OK I see Katts. Will do my best to make it tomorrow - DD not very well at the moment so no sleep last night but if I get some tonight I should be OK to come. How will I recognise you?! Is it a big class?

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