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anterior placenta?

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maybebaby23 Sat 18-Jul-09 11:41:37

Hi guys,

We had our first scan at 15 weeks last week and they said the placenta is at the front so i probably wont feel baby moving as early as i would have done (2nd baby) I should have asked this but i forgot at the time, will the placenta move or do they stay put? I may be having a section, does it matter that the placenta is at the front? (if it doesn't move that is) Thanks for reading

susiedotcom Sat 18-Jul-09 11:46:41

Hi, I have an anterior placenta too. I first felt movements at 19 weeks, and he's been kicking the hell out of me ever since! However, a friend of mine who also has an anterior placenta has barely felt anything. We're both 34 weeks now. As for any other implications - I'm not sure, though I will be asking my midwife this week. I hadn't thought it was an issue, but I guess it probably is...

alana39 Sat 18-Jul-09 20:27:20

I have read that because babies often like to face the placenta, they are more likely to end up back-to-back which can lead to a longer, more painful labour. However, I had that with my first even though the placenta wasn't anterior so it's probably not a given.

On the movement front, I thought I might have an anterior placenta this time (no 3) as the day before my 20 week scan, I still hadn't felt anything but saw my bump move all over the place with absolutely no feeling. At the scan the baby was turning back flips but couldn't feel. 2 days later it started with a vengeance - now getting lots of big kicks and I guess there's usually room around the placenta, as the baby grows, where you get to feel plenty. I'm still finding it's not as obvious to anyone else though - so DH and DCs constantly frustrated when they try to feel.

maybebaby23 Tue 21-Jul-09 15:24:09

thanks for your replies! I have felt my baby wriggle a few times now!

Does anyone else know if the placenta moves or does it stay where it starts off?
And the c section thing worries me too, hopefully the placenta is higher up than the scar!

LilyBolero Tue 21-Jul-09 15:29:46

Hi, I had this with ds2, it was fine, no problems at all (though he wasn't CS). It is true that the baby can tend towards posterior lay, but if you do lots of 'floor scrubbing' you can help the baby lie anterior.

alana39 Tue 21-Jul-09 17:25:47

And one further warning about anterior placentas - at 25 week m/w appointment today it took her ages to find the heartbeat with the doppler. She thought it was because they were lying in an awkward position, added to the cushioning of the placenta. I know this can happen sometimes when they're moving about lots - but it's the first time it has happened to me and was a bit hairy! All fine after a few minutes but if this happens don't panic smile

maybebaby23 Tue 21-Jul-09 17:36:42

alana thanks a lot for that, im so anxious at every appointment so at least now i know to be patient when they look for the heart beat!! Thanks for the replies

Wilkiepedia Tue 21-Jul-09 22:10:45

HI there

My placenta was anterior with DS2 (5 weeks old now). MW struggled to find heartbeat at 16 week appointment then at 20 week scan it showed the placenta anterior.

The only difference it made to my pg was that bubs was back to back (like someone else said they like to face placenta) and no amount of floor scrubbing, exercises, birthing ball bouncing would shift him into a decent position.

My labour was very long - not necessarily more painful - but extremely long for a second labour (23 hrs) due to him trying to turn into position.


strig Tue 21-Jul-09 22:35:51

Hi I had an anterior placenta with DS1 and had a emergency c-section no problem (it was because of heartbeat dropping) - DS was back to back as well - not too painful for me but was in labour for a long time before c-section! Have anterior with this pregnancy as well - they decide in a couple of weeks whether I have another c-section - so it can‘t be an issue.

From about 22 weeks felt baby move quite a bit but as both mine have been anterior placenta not sure it is much as the norm! Also you might get a nice square bump like I have had both times first with DS now with DD!

strig Tue 21-Jul-09 22:36:53

Sorry meant to say I am pretty sure the placenta stays where it is and doesn't move.

oneopinionatedmother Tue 21-Jul-09 22:38:09

first time anterior - faster than labour second time (though second baby chunky little monkey). It's not necessarily a problem, though it can make foetal heartbeat harder to find during labour (or so i'm told).

maybebaby23 Wed 22-Jul-09 20:06:35

Great thanks for your replies! Im glad i asked now as i didnt know babies like to face the placenta and so could be back to back! Also the heartbeat thing, thanks

Institches Wed 22-Jul-09 20:25:28

My placenta was at the front but low down near the cervix which can cause problems during delivery. Can't remember the tech name for this but think the MW said that as the pregnancy progresses and the bump gets bigger, it kind of grows from the bottom so the placenta ends up higher up, away from the cervix. So, in most cases where the placenta starts low, it isn't a problem by delivery time.

Perhaps that means yours will end up higher at the front?

maybebaby23 Thu 23-Jul-09 07:56:53

Ah right. I think when it really low down like that its called placenta praevia or something? Obv spelt wrong!

I cant remember if they said mine is low down or higher up! I just know that on my notes they wrote anterior.

Thanks for that

mogend77 Fri 24-Jul-09 11:00:16

I am on my second anterior placenta of two pregnancies. This time it is slightly higher up. You do get more opportunities later on as the space at the bottom below the placenta grows, and it does get better also once the baby gets bigger than the placenta (which iirc happens at about 20 weeks). I actually felt both of mine rather early, 15 weeks for DD1 and 8+5 for this one. But then experienced long patches when everything went very quiet, sometimes for days on end, when the baby was hiding so be prepared for those. It gets harder for the baby to hide as it gets bigger, though I agree with pp that it can be very frustrating for partners and family wanting to feel the kicks.

Regarding the posterior position, as I understand it the studies that showed this increased risk showed such a minor increase that many HPs regard it is insignificant. Also I have read that OFP exercises aren't much worth doing before labour - the time they are efficient is during early labour, and also hey are the positions that your body would naturally encourage you to adopt at that stage anyway. I worried a bit about it last time but this time I won't be expending any energy worrying about back to back labours until I am actually in labour.

bevlin Tue 28-Jul-09 14:11:26

Hi, My placenta is anterior this time. I won't find out until 21 weeks (im 17 weeks) if it is low again. I had prosterior low last time (placenta previa) so had a c-sect. Im worried that the placenta this time will attach/imbed itself over the old scar (placenta acreta). Has anyone ever had this?

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